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by Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S., M.I.C.C.M.O.

Posture has an effect on the relationship of the lower jaw to the cranium and can result in a malocclusion (improper bite). If body symmetry is not within normal limits, aligning the atlas-axis (C1-C2), the occiput and pelvis may be necessary. Specialized chiropractics as Atlas Orthogonists (AO), Sacral Occipital Therapists and or physical therapy may be necessary to correct body symmetry during treatment.

“Temporo-mandibular disorders are principally a pathologic combined condition of masticatory muscles, head and neck, temporomandibular join and occlusion/bite postural problem.”

Airway obstruction must be cleared and patent as it will result in constant mouth breathing and abnormal tongue posture (Consultation with an ENT who understands jaw postural problems and its relationship to malocclusion is recommended). Allergies are a primary cause of chronic mouth breathing. If nasal obstruction is evident, consultation with an allergist and/or Otolaryngologist will be recommended during treatment. All chronic mouth breathers develop an improper bite (malocclusion).

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