Video Links: K7 Optimized Bite Doctors and Athletes

THE K7 OPTIMIZED BITE is what makes the AGILITYGUARD what it is today – The Leader in Performance Mouthguards.

Our Optimized Bite doctors have received their training at Occlusion Connections where they have pioneer new doors to advance the field of dentistry in athletic sports. These are the dedicated clinicians who tirelessly work with their athletes and study muscle physiology and its relationship to the human jaw relationships in athletic sports. Jaw positioning is everything, and it does make a difference.

2-Time World Champion & Olympian Katie Uhlaender discusses the AgilityGuard Performance EdgeView

Pro Hockey Trainer – Dan Ninkovich Video TestimonialView

Jordan Romero – Youngest to Climb Mt. Everest Climbs Rhode Island’s highest point – View

Check this out – AgilityGuard High Performance! View

Dr. Gregg Ueckert demonstrates the AgilityGuard View

Dr. Chris Mohler TV interview (AgilityGuard & Golf) View

Dr. Art Kwan delivers AgilityGuard to Snowboarder Kenneth CarsonView

Dr. Lee Patalowski, John Schaeffer and Dr. Joe Andary demonstrate the AgilityGuard with the Biceps Activation and Core Power TestView

Dr. Gregg Ueckert demonstrates the AgilityGuard Balance Test to Dr. Allen LimView

Dr Brian Hale’s team demonstrating the power of the AgilityGuardView

Strength and Conditioning Expert Dan Ninkovich breaks Personal BestView

Strength and Conditioning Expert Dr. Nick Theodorou shatters US National Weightlifting Records- View Clip 1 and View Clip 2

Dr. Gregg Ueckert demonstrates the benefits to Seiji Ishi, MotoCrosser/SuperCrosserView

Dr. Curtis Chan and David Weck, inventor of the Bosu BallView

Dr. Curtis Chan and MMA fighter KJ NoonsView

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