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Cranial Cervical Alignment: Treating Distortions with GNM Orthotic

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Dental occlusion is a whole body matter. Body posture as well as mandibular to cranium alignment and posture are also related to the following:

Note: Cranial bones (sphenoid) as well as atlas, axis mal alignment before GNM orthotic treatment.  Female patient presents with numerous pain sights unresolved by traditional dental modalities, splints and techniques.  With GNM orthotic therapy the cranial as well as cervical bones quickly respond because the masticatory cervical muscles are now optimally functioning on a proper optimized myo-trajectory with balanced occlusion.  Masticatory muscle, joint and occlusal function is now restored once an Optimized Bite is achieved.

Loss of masticatory function can occur when homeostasis of the joints, musculature and teeth are not longer supportive.  Bones will alter their relationship to one another.  They will skew, torque and strain under the abnormal vector of muscle forces.  Muscles strain the underlying cranial sutures internally as well as externally causing bones to mal align.  Adequate tooth (healthy occlusion) support is often missing

Does mandibular alignment matter?

What contributes to cranio-mandibular support?

What is often overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD problems?

3 Month GNM Orthotic Treatment Case: Before and after 

A three month period has been used to help test and prove the functional movements of the jaw and postural dynamics using the Optimized bite position and the GNM orthotic prior to the decision to remove the remaining upper orthodontic brackets and wires. Staging the treatment in a specific sequential order is crucial. The patient requested that I remove the upper brackets and wires for a short time to give him a break from orthodontics knowing very well that another series of wires and brackets will be implemented at some point to fine tune and control the orthopedic movements initiated with the customized upper and lower expanding and aligning appliances.

The orthodontic/orthopedic phase of treatment has begun. Patient will continue to wear the customized upper arch developing appliance along with the lower modified expanding orthotic until his next visit with Dr. Chan.

Treatment Objective: 1) Establish improved airway breathing ability, 2) Establish physiologic cranio-mandibular and postural stability, 3) Develop upper arch to regain the deficient both second bicuspid spaces and to develop the lower arch to regain back the lower first bicuspid spaces. Maintain the Optimized myo-trajectory as well as vertical dimensions. Once arches are developed orthopedic verticalization of the lower dentition will be accomplished using the orthotic as the guide and “orthopedic matrix” to re-establish physiologic occlusion (the bite).

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Clinical and Scientific Validation for Optimizing the Neuromuscular Trajectory Using the Chan Protocol.  Chan, CA: International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO) Anthology VII, 2005.

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