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  • Invitation to the Bi-Annual OC Summit
  • Eligible to apply for Fellowship, Mastership and Diplomate status by participating in the Exam and case documentation process.
  • Use of the OC Logo to be displayed on doctors website (per Terms and Conditions)
  • Alumni are encouraged to participate on the “Occlusion Connections On Line Study Club Forum Group“ – a free on line Study Club environment with Dr. Clayton Chan where alumni n interact, communicate, sharpen their diagnostic and clinical skills post, cases, ask questions among their peers to learn from GP experts and orthodontic specialists.
  • Alumni are listed on OC’s website Finding a Gneuromuscular Dentist“ as complimentary benefit for patient referrals.
    • Contact Information is listed on Alumni OC Doctors webpage of OC’s website.
    • Subject to agreement of the Sharing Information Policy
  • Be among the most advanced and elite clinicians in Gneuromuscular and Neuromuscular Dentistry in the world.
  • Are able to be a Research Associate with colleagues on line doing GNM Research Projects.



  • Those who have successfully fulfilled the criteria for becoming an OC Fellow, OC Master and or OC Diplomate become a Life OC Alumni as long as they maintain in good standing the requirements for Fellowship, Mastership or Diplomate maintenance by fulfiling participating and attendance requirements. (Note; “Life” OC Fellow, “Life” OC Master, Life” OC Diplomate).

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