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Dr. Clayton A. Chan Speaks at the Myotronics 50th Anniversary – August 4th-5th, 2017 

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Myotronics 50th Anniversary – August 4th-5th, 2017 

“Buried NM Treasures – Clues in Our K7 scans that lead to NM Success”

Dear Colleagues,

This is a historic 50th Year that Myotronics commemorates its legacy and dedication to neuromuscular dental science, principles and clinical discipline. Dr. Bernard Jankelson a “true original”, pioneer, inventor and developer paved a different path to which we admire and follow with passion. He had a vision that fundamentally transformed the thinking of how the advanced dentist can bio-physiologically establish a more anatomically correct jaw relationship via his originating black box invention – the J1 Myomonitor. History can remind us that these fundamental scientific developments are based on objective measurements that have formulated our understanding, thinking and mind-set how we perform our dentistry today. These discoveries have challenged forward thinking minds and contributed to an evolutionary change that has impacted our profession.

I am honored to be a part of this Myotronics 50th Anniversary speakers line up, August 4th-5th, 2017. My presentation title is: “Buried NM Treasures – Clues in Our K7 scans that lead to NM Success”. Acknowledging the foundational principles of “Physiologic Rest” has been a hallmark among all neuromuscular clinicians. NM diagnosis begins at homeostasis. NM treatment whether phase I stabilization or phase II restorative or orthodontics should also end at homeostasis. The question we must ask ourselves after years of neuromuscular practice is, “Have we achieved our NM goals and effective treatments objectively with our clinical cases?”

I will be discussing these fundamental neuromuscular and gnathic concept as a means to challenge all wet fingered K7 clinicians in re-evaluating our diagnostic and treatment data.

1. What is Physiologic Rest?
2. Characteristics that indicate physiologic rest with the K7.
3. Treatment scans to validate the quality of one’s finished case.
4. Clinical aspects of micro occlusion and orthotic management.

I encourage all neuromuscular minded clinicians who appreciate the significance of objective measurements to attend my afternoon lecture on August 4th, 2017.


Clayton A. Chan


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