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Optimized Bite™ History

We know the “Optimized Bite™” protocol is only as good as one is able to understand it based on our OC Level 1 and Level 5 teachings. Optimization is more than a marketing term.  It has significant clinical and special meaning to all of us here at OC.

Optimum optimization of the optimized bite depends on each one’s understanding of what they are trying to optimize.  I am glad that the NM world is realizing that there is more than the classical TENS bite.

History of the Optimized Bite™
In 2002 I started using a process in my clinical practice to determine a more optimal myo-trajectory.  I started introducing some of the optimized bite concepts in 2004.  At that time others began to call it the “Chan Scan” which was a beginning stage of the optimized bite.  Since than I further developed and fined tune the protocol to be more effective, accurate and reproducible here at Occlusion Connections (A Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry and Advanced Orthopedics, Las Vegas, NV).  In 2008 I coined the term “Optimized Bite” or the “Chan Optimized Bite”.  In 2010 I came to a more definitive protocol for the optimization therefore I trademarked both terms.  It is then that others started to catch on using the term in their teachings. Interestingly, none of those who lecture on this term have come to our courses at OC.

I am encouraged that some lecturers are paying attention to “optimization” and teaching NM clinicians to think outside the box in order to improve clinical results based on their understanding of bite optimization.

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