Upper Airway Obstruction and Upper Airway Deformaties – Part 2

by James F. Garry, D.D.S.

Primary Origins of Oral HabitsJim Garry 33

  • Instinct (unlearned sucking reflex)
  • Bottle feeding instead of breast feeding
  • Not fatiguing the sucking reflex
  • Upper airway obstruction
  • Allergies
  • Secondary results: sucking becomes a satisfying habit like smoking and is evident when the infant or child is angry, hungry, tired (tranquilizing effect), frightened, in pain or discomfort and can result from imitation.


  • Breast feeding antibodies offer a remarkable protection   against respiratory infections such as flew and   pneumonia which are accompanied by fever.
  • Dr. Arthur Najera in 1964 St. Louis University, concluded that breast fed children show excellent and more   desirable facial features than bottled fed children.
  • Dr. Gertrude Tank and Dr. Clara Storvick, research scientist at Oregon State University reported in 1965   that breast fed babies have significantly fewer dental   cavities in their early years then bottle fed babies.


  • Secretory IgA (protects against gastrointestinal disorders).
  • Lysozyme (antimycrobial enzyme)
  • Nitrogen containing polysaccharides (bifidus factor) promotes the growth of bifidobacterial flora.  These bacteria which   lower the pH of the intestinal tract, an acid environments   inhibit the growth of E coli, yeast, and shigella.
  • Lactoferrin (inhibits the growth of staphlococci and E coli by binding iron which bacteria require to proliferate.
  • A fatty acid that appears to have an antistaphylococcal factor.
  • Lactoperoxidase (combats streptococci).


  • Human milk = 20 mg of cholesterol/ 100 ml of milk
  • Cows milk = 1.5 – 3.3 mg of cholesterol / 100 ml of milk
  • Animal studies indicate that a moderate amount of dietary cholesterol maybe necessary for proper   metabolism of cholesterol in later life.  Research   findings imply that low cholesterol formulas may   contribute to atherosclerosis in later life.
  • Human milk contains a rich supply of nucleotides, substances involved in protein, and nucleic acid   synthesis.
  • The fatty acid composition of substitutes for human milk, varies appreciably from that of human milk,   and lipase, and enzyme that enhances availability of   free fatty acids, is  present in large quantities in   human milk.

Jim Garry 49

Allergies to cow’s milk have been associated with difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep in infants. (Sleep, Vol. 10, No. 2, 1987).Jim Garry 50

Infants diagnosed as insomniacs develop normal sleep patterns after cow’s milk was eliminated from the diet. Insomnia reappeared when the infants were challenged with cow’s milk.

Jim Garry 53


Designed to allow mother to:

  1. Express and store her highly nutritious milk.
  2. Store the milk in the refrigerator.
  3. Store in freezer within 2 hours if not to be used within 2 days.

Jim Garry 51.JPG


  • Do not pour fresh milk onto frozen milk before cooling.
  • Always date milk as it must be used within two weeks.

Conventional nipples and pacifiers should be avoided if we are to provide an infant with a neuromuscular pattern that approximates that of a breast fed infant.

The NUK nipple and Exerciser is the best substitute.

Jim Garry 52  Jim Garry 19

Jim Garry 20

Four additional benefits of breast milk:

  1. No need to boil
  2. Cats can’t steal it
  3. Available whenever necessary
  4. Available in attractive containers.

Jim Garry 7

Jim Garry 8

Upper airway obstruction Stigmata 3- Dr. James Garry    Upper airway obstruction Stigmata 4- Dr. James Garry

Eighteen month old child was drooling continuously, had developed a tongue-thrusting and thumb-sucking habit.  Four months after introduction of the Secondary Exerciser (NUM Exerciser), tongue-thrusting, drooling and thumb-sucking have been eliminated.  “After” models show broadening and rounding of arch; bite has closed appreciably.

Upper airway obstruction Stigmata 5- Dr. James Garry  Upper airway obstruction Stigmata 6- Dr. James Garry

Left: Before NUK exerciser.  Right: After 4 months later


Upper airway obstruction Stigmata - Dr. James Garry   Upper airway obstruction Stigmata 2- Dr. James Garry

When upper airway obstruction is present forward head posture can ensue, rolled shoulders, retrusive mandible, abnormal tonque swallow habits, open mouth habitus with collapsed/ restricted oral pharyngeal airway space can occur.

Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Muscle Balance Can Be Accomplished By:

  1. Remove hypertrophied tonsils and adenoids when they’re obstruction is causing orofacial deformities due to airway obstruction.
  2. Motivation to exercise
  3. Developing a proper exercise regimen
  4. Carefully monitoring the child or adult’s progress
  5. Working with an dentist who does functional orthodontist to establish a palatal vault that will accommodate the tongue.


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