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Foundation, Focus, Objective and Belief’s

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The Foundation of OC’s Teachings

The fundamental principles of neuromuscular occlusion are at the core of Occlusal Connection’s teachings. We take them further, however, employing more advanced understanding, protocols, and techniques applied by measuring diagnostic data into the clinical setting. This, in turn, allows us to address the unanswered clinical questions of occlusion that have pervaded the neuromuscular and gnathologic community for years. This is one of the main reasons dentists have come to OC; to advance their clinical skills with greater understanding and precision.

The Focus and Objective of OC Training

The focus and objective of OC is to train dentists to be the best clinicians in the world. These are clinicians who have both a thorough understanding of dental occlusion and the ability to apply the neuromuscular occlusion and gnathic principles skillfully and appropriately.

OC Believes In

OC believes that occlusion should not be mysterious, and neither should the clinical challenge that we, as practicing dentists, encounter in treating cases relating to craniomandibular/TMD disorders, restorative procedures, and orthodontic challenges. Dentists who have been practicing NMD or any other Centric Related philosophy eventually come to recognize that there must be better, more logical answers to occlusal dilemmas.  OC introduces as well as advanced the astute clinician to see how instrumentation (including K7s and J5 TENS units) are to be implemented in their offices at advanced levels.

Once that recognition and competency have been achieved through OC’s teachings, dentists understand that they can practice at a higher/practical level related to TMD, comprehensive restorative full-mouth dentistry, and orthodontic/orthopedics procedures and services, with greater confidence.

  1. Excelling in both neuromuscular (NM) and gneuromuscular (GNM) occlusion procedures.
  2. Creating the most skilled and disciplined practitioners in GNM who have a complete understanding of all facets of dental occlusal management, related dentistry techniques, and protocols.
  3. Establishing outstanding clinicians–leaders who can uphold the key principles of NMD/GNM as well as advancing them to improve the effectiveness of our profession’s clinical dentistry.
  4. Building superlative skills in dentists with clinical excellence.
  5. Developing confidence among members of the OC dental group.
  6. Training doctors to discern and distinguish pathologically unhealthy from physiologically healthy, and living by the principles of physiological rest/health within their own lives.
  7. Training dentists to walk the talk and lead by example.
  8. Training dentists not to compromise their GNM beliefs, convictions, and principles.
  9. Respecting others and treating them with integrity, dignity, and honesty.
  10. Bridging philosophical gaps among clinicians.
  11. Living a life that recognizes the importance of physiological rest – Staying on an optimized trajectory of life.
  12. Removing any obstacles that would prevent the achievement of life’s goals.
  13. Objective measurements and accountability that minimize subjective opinions. 

OC is the most comprehensive and advanced gneuromuscular and neuromuscular occlusion training program in the world. It is recognized by the best, most experienced, well-informed, trained, skilled, knowledgeable and talented clinicians as well as leaders in the world.


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