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The Need to Take Scan Interpretation (SI)

by Gregory G. Yount, D.M.D., Mattoon, Illinois

The need to take SI…..Scan Interpretation.

I see the K7 like a piano.  Some will get one just to say they have one.  Some will get one and be able to play chop sticks on it.  Others will be able to play a few memorized songs that they know by heart.

A few will continue to take lessons and become very proficient and excellent pianists.  A very few will become concert quality musicians with their K7’s actually talking to them.  Once in a lifetime someone will become like our mentor (he knows who he is) and become a great conductor of the philharmonic orchestra.

If you are honest with yourself and you really don’t quite fully understand all the K7 has to offer you should consider Scan Interpretation.  You will find your stress levels lower and your confidence and abilities elevate.

More information on OC’s K7 Scan Interpretation Course:

Scan Interpretation and Clinical Application


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