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Which Kind of Chiropractor or Body Aligner Needed to Support the Occlusion?

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The body is a complete unit and every disc, cervical joint as well as occlusion joint need to be well supported in order for the musculature and surrounding fascia from head to toe including occiput to sacrum/iliac down to toes need to be supported with optimized occlusion. It goes hand in hand. A good bite that supports proper physiologic posture of the mandible to the cranium is critical in order to help the realignment of the other remaining body parts in the postural chain.

When lower back muscles, sacrum and iliac are out of alignment they can cause ascending disruption to the masticatory structures. When abnormal joints and teeth are out of alignment the ascending as well as descending signalling patterns can be coordinated with supportive SOT, skilled chiropractic and osteopathic treatment.

I used to work with a great AO who was also SOT trained…now she moved….now I work with a NUCCA who checks body balance …so, whatever person has a respect for body alignment in a detailed manner regardless of the discipline without jerking, twisting in a manner to make thing worse…and ideally if they measure and document what they are doing with radiographic imaging so one can see the changes that take place….one will see that small changes with light gentle force is all that is necessary to help.

Occlusion is a part of that alignment scheme and support system of the complete postural system.  And I don’t mean someone has to be biting/ clenching) down all that time… but the occlusion musts be proprioceptively aligned to give the proper signalling to maintain proper mandibular, head and lower back posture to support the neck and vice versa.


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