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The Signficance of Why GNM Dentist Use the Myomonitor Low Frequency TENS


The signficance of why GNM dentist use the Myomonitor Low Frequency TENS (Transcutaneous Neural Stimulation) is a fundamental and clinical understanding of neuromuscular dentistry.

  1. Relaxation of hypertonic musculature is a crucial bio-physiologic concept to remove abnormal tension and skews from the mandibular to cranial complex.
  2. Prior to any occlusal treatment it is important to establish 6 dimensional muscular balance (homeostasis).
  3. Myomonitor stimulates the trigeminal (5th) and facial (7th) cranial nerves every 1.5 seconds (intermittent rythmic pulse) producing what is known as the “myo-trajectory” or neuromuscular trajectory.

Relaxed musculature allows the treating clinician to identify an isotonic mandibular closing path (“myo-trajectory”) which is 84.1% of the time anterior to the habitual (pathologic) closing trajectory.


Do you want your dentist to be adjusting or equilibrating your bite (occlusion) on a pathologic strained habitual trajectory closing path or do you want your dentist to be treating your bite on a proper isotonic closing trajectory (“myo-trajectory”)?

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