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DENTISTRY: Keeping Things Simple
Today’s practitioner must distinguish his/her practice by becoming an expert in occlusion. It is essential for every dentist and team member to recognize the signs, symptom and parameters of healthy occlusion vs. pathologic occlusion.

     RESIDENCY PROGRAM – CE training in GNM

     SCHEDULE of Courses and Dates

Anatomic structures related to the masticatory system are presented to orient the listener to know the causes of tooth wear, tooth breakage, and other factors that affect the health of patients. Key principles of occlusion are necessary to relate esthetic restorative, orthodontic and or TMD/Myofacial pain treatment with a proper diagnosis.

A new understanding is required of today’s dentist to grasp underlying factors that relates clinical dentistry to both the gnathologic and neuromuscular principles in a logical process called Gneuromuscular Occlusion.

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