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OC (Occlusion Connections) is not a corporate entity or structure, but rather it’s a family of relationships based on honesty, respect, truth, discipline, courage, and principles – It’s organic.

OC is not based on a business model, but rather it is based on developing relationships to build confidence within each clinician/dentist to be a leader.

Dentists choose to come together to learn how dentistry/occlusion really works.  By this open safe atmosphere that has been created, proven and validated, they are able to grow and mature into their full potential professionally and individually.  Growth and development is a process of freedom and maturing within a healthy environment of learning, discovery, support and guidance.  Within this arena of freedom there is a natural built-in accountability amongst its peers.

OC is about being a leader – One who walks the talk.  We follow those who walk the talk.

OC encourages others to demonstrate what we walk, discover and learn together.

OC focuses on the quality of those who receive and who see the value in OC’s teachings.  Small is good.

OC protects it’s freedom and independence – We believe in staying free from corporate influences that would dictate what we believe and teach.  Responsibility and discernment results in freedom, not a rigid structure of everyone being the same.  Scripture in the Bible says: “Solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to discern.” – Hebrew 5:14.

OC is not based  on a hierarchy of talents, keeping individuals in dependence, but rather we teach and encourage doctors to function in liberty, to be independent thinkers, pioneers and innovators, going beyond and being the extraordinary.

OC is not a team building group/organization, but is rather about having you walk and be who you are supposed to be and “I be who I am supposed to be”.   Respecting yourself and one another.  It’s an organic experience of freeing one’s self from dependency to leadership.

That is how we keep ourselves together.

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Founder/Director of Occlusion Connections™
Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Dentist, Las Vegas, NV

Leader in Gneuromuscular and Neuromuscular Dentistry

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