Cookie Cutter Dentistry?

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Cookie cutter dentistry no matter what one wants to call is not what I do nor practice. Folks need to realize there are differences from what one teaches, advocates and actually practices. This is the reason why patients need to educate themselves on the issues, learn what it is that doctors say vs. what they practice, learn and educate themselves on the different occlusal philosophies, and different TMD philosophies, because if they don’t understand and learn these matters that effect one’s health and well-being they will get into trouble. That is why I am on these forums to help give warning and attention and another perspective.

Not everything what is spoken and stated on these discussions are true and accurate so every one here has to use some discernment, be their own judge, use ones brain and ask questions so the topics can be properly discussed. Questions should be presented… and answers will be forth coming…. and folks have to study up on those answers presented to see if they are valid, make sense and or are truthful…

Not every answer provided is true nor scientific. That is why forums exist, because everyone has an answer, a biase and opinion….but not every answer leads to an optimal successful resolution because each TMD patients condition is different. Not all TMD problems are the same…so there is no cookbook….

But there are key principles …that many don’t seem to comprehend and understand…it is the “Principles of BioPHysology”…the principles of “neuro” and principles of “muscle” physiology, the “principles of Occlusion” that folks overlook. That is why there is so much trouble and confusion.

We get so caught up into the “things”, the items, the physical tangible things doctors like to use, assuming it is those things that are the answer, but yet we overlook the unseen intangibles….which really are the foundations to great dentistry.

–  Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – General Dentist

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