G+NM: Order of Occlusal Principles Matters When Striving for a Particular Result

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G + NM = GNM: “Without the other one cannot see the whole”.

Nature has an order, a sequence in which living organisms develop, grow and mature.  In dentistry, there also is an order and sequence by which treatment must begin and end.

  1. In the realm of diagnosis there is an order to which one examines and evaluates to gather the necessary data to understand and comprehend.
  2. After gaining the necessary knowledge of all the facts of a given problem one is then prepared to apply (application) those known facts to solve a problem.

The question then arises as to “How does one apply the known knowledge to this known problem?”

Once again, one has to revert back to the principles of nature – there is a given sequence of steps to which one can effectively solve any give problem.  But you have to know the steps and sequence.  (To move out of sequence one will miss the requisite key to unlock the door that one desires to enter, yet unable to access entry to see another view).

  1. Analysis is the ability to break a product apart into its requisite elements or logical components.
  2. Synthesis is the ability to create something.
  3. Evaluation is the ability to judge quality.  Without a clear understanding of all the previous steps one will not properly comprehend nor understand the quality of diagnosis, treatment nor the desired outcome.

Resolving pathologic entities requires that the problem must be shifted toward a physiologic state. Homeostasis is a state of neutrality and transition by which health can be established to bring about a state of balance.

  1. Within the the principles of neuromuscular occlusion we must recognize that multi faceted musculoskeletal problems exist.
  2. Physiologic rest state must be established to counter the pathologies observed to bring things to a level of homeostasis.
  3. An Optimal isotonic jaw closure pattern (a myo-trajectory) can then be determined from a neutralized mandibular rest position.
  4. It is along this isotonic path of mandibular jaw closure that a proper terminal position (the Optimized bite) can be established.  A new occlusal scheme maybe required in order to support synchronous and accurately balanced occlusal contacts at a terminal position as well as allow freedom of exiting movements and re-entry movements to that terminal myo-centric position.
  5. Freedom of movements occurs when a proper 6 dimensional support is present both in the posterior (rear) region of the jaw as well as in the anterior (forward) part of the mouth. Homeostasis of this occlusal scheme is best maintained when terminal occlusal support is provided to support physiologic functional movements of all the structural entities of the head, neck, shoulders as well as the temporomandibular joints and surrounding musculature of the masticatory system when they are in function as well as in resting modes with one another.  When in function muscles must properly recruit and hold the teeth along this isotonic closing path.  If not there will be underlying strains, torques and skews relayed to the surrounding structures.  When the system is resting, all the entities of the trigeminal system will respond allowing a quality of rest to the central nervous system to be calm and rested.  This is what Optimal Physiologic Rest can provide.  Strength when in function, but quality of rest when in relaxing mode.
  6. These physiologic responses can systematically be measured, located and quantified objectively to help guide the dentist to find that quality of health for maximum dental improvement.

Gnathological and neuromuscular science is not random. Resolving gnathic and neuromuscular problems requires a combined approach respecting the importance all principles from each of these disciplines.  It is not a matter of one or the other….It requires both to solve the complex puzzles.

GNM recognizes the importance, order and sequence of these electro-diagnostic technologies in conjunction with specific techniques and methods for a particular purpose and reason:

  1. Low Frequency TENS
  2. Computerized Mandibular Scanning (CMS) – Jaw Tracking
  3. Electromyography (EMG)
  4. Electrosonography (ESG)
  5. GNM occlusal techniques, protocols and methods

To diagnose using these technologies with another philosophical perspective will lead to confusion and less then optimal physiologic results.

Remember: Order and sequence means everything when trying to unlock a puzzle.

G + NM = GNM

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