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Optimized Bite™ – How It Works

At OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS we educate and train dentist in the effective use of “Bite Optimization” techniques.  It is a specialized and specific protocol using a combination of both technology and insightful masticatory anatomical awareness and keen observations of both patient and objective recorded data in real time.


The central nervous systems ability to propriocept and sense 5-10 microns spontaneously shows the exquisite details of the human jaw.  Top competitive athletes are very much in tune with their bodies and they can tell when the doctor has hit the bulls eye and found the optimal bite.  The same with an experienced highly proprioceptively aware TMD patient.

The human body responds most efficiently when all the muscles of the neuro-muscular system functions on demand and rests at a specific point within the optimal healthy zone of the human bite that is unique to each individual.  When the human bite functions outside this zone there is a physiologic weakening in one’s body and dynamic strength and power within the individual is diminished.  Finding an optimal jaw position is the key to improving strength, balance, alignment, agility, speed, as well as improve cognitive/visual reaction times that is unique to every individual.

Over many years of quiet research and learning, of observation and trial and error, I have come to realize that there is one very specific position of the jaw that allows the body to undo the strains, torques and skews. That position is a very precise point in space, requiring accuracy of less than one millimeter. The Chan Optimized Bite™ is a protocol that I have developed that guides trained dentists in finding that “sweet spot” and capturing the bite in a very precise manner using both low frequency TENS and kineseographic instrumentation (K7 by Myotronics-Noromed, Inc.).

The Optimized Bite™ success lies in the bio-physiology of the upper to lower jaw relationship. It is based upon idealizing and establishing unstrained neuro-muscular pathways of the jaws to support the neck, back and shoulders (the key to optimization).  As the muscles interactively relax neural pathway begin to open up in both the regions of the masticatory system of the head down to and through the cervical region (the neck) and lower parts of the vertebral column (the back).  The spinal column with the associated neural paths are also immediately triggered to open up any neuromuscular and cervical compensating constrictions.  This physiologic jaw alignment process allows the electro-neural signaling to flow to all the associated structures from head to toe effecting the heart rate and respiration rates as well as other organ systems that stimulate muscle activity contributing to rapid action (high alert) responses.

As the lower mandible and jaw joints shift from a compensated strained position to a physiologically aligned position the head and neck posture immediately begins to level and align with a corresponding effect to the rest of the body.  When there exists jaw, head and neck constrictions, a reduction in the individuals flexibility, speed and range of motion will occur.  When muscles are out of synch there is also compensating reduction in one’s ability to stabilize, balance and recover.  These concepts and principles apply to both the paining dysfunctional TMD patient as well as the elite professional athlete.

  1. Strength improvement – Able to transfer the strength to the activity
  2. Speed & Agility – Linear split second changes
  3. Recovery Enhancement – An improved heart rate and blood pressure responses for a level aerobic exercise effort
  4. Balance – Controlled equilibrium
  5. Equilibrium – Static and Dynamic
  6. Flexibilty – Balance in tension with reduced force output
  7. Stability – Resistance to disturbance
  8. Endurance – Able to go the distance
  9. Cognitive enhancements – Improved auditory and visual reaction times.

Efficient activation of any body response begins from a state of neutrality (“homeostasis”) when the human jaws are optimally positioned to a very “specific point” in 3 dimensional space.  Locating this rested neutral jaw position for each individual uniquely allows that person optimal physical performance.  This optimal jaw relationship stabilized by a properly designed and adjusted GNM orthotic can be identified and measured using precise computerized measuring instrumentation by trained dentists to within 0.1-0.3 mm of accuracy within the physiologic zone.

Dr. Clayton Chan’s Optimized Bite™ and Chan Optimized Bite™ education and training programs gives dentists the understanding, skill and ability to scientifically find each individuals “sweet spot” for maximum efficiency of the GNM Orthotic.  An Optimized bite that optimally establishes a functional jaw relationship between the mandible to the maxilla in 6 dimensions unleashes any roadblocks and compensating postural problems in the human jaw (the bite) that effects speed, strength, agility, stability, balance and performance.

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