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About the OC Summit

Purpose of the Summit

We are getting together to Celebrate!  It’s a gathering of our OC colleagues – a class reunion.

OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS is inviting you to plan ahead to participate in our 10th Anniversary Celebration Gathering to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2018 (specific dates and location will be announced).

The sunny temperatures and longer sunny days makes this event a great time to see our “City of Lights” with worlds class hotels and great restaurants!


A friendly and warm-hearted spirit has been recognized by all those who have previously attended to find this special time a “HOME COMING” connecting with other like-minded colleagues of GNM experience.  Presentations from your colleagues who understand your perspectives will share ideas and their experiences.

Our uniqueness centers around OC doctors and technicians who have a passion to learn, bringing clinical insights, tips and key gems to share. The wealth of information at this gathering provides a wealth of knowledge, education, clinical experience from experts who are the best in their field.  Advanced training in the disciplines of TMD, restorative and orthodontic/orthopedics makes the quest for continuing dental education desirable for all those interested in expanding one’s experience in dentistry.


Interact with your colleagues, meet your forum friends and relate names with faces you have never met in person.  

During and after the daytime sessions you will have a chance over dinner time to shop, talk, ask questions and learn from one another.  Have no fear or worry because you are among friends and colleagues who really care and are focused on the spirit, heart and purpose of OC.

  1. GET TO KNOW YOUR OC COLLEAGUES – What makes your study club colleagues successful.
  2. LEARNING – Key sights, methods, tips and clinical insights from one another.
  3. DISCOVERING –  New ideas, thoughts, the latest of what OC doctors are doing in their practices.
  4. SUPPORTING – Renew friendships, and build new relationships.
  5. GUIDING – Being role models, mentors and leaders fro the future of GNM.

OC is a dedicated, committed group of dentists who have advanced their training in all facets of dentistry.  They desire to further their dental education after years of committed learn.  They see a need for like-minded colleagues to come together in order that they could meet face to face and celebrate their dental educational journey.

OC doctors recognize there is a significant void within the dental community, thus the OC Summit was born allowing like-minded clinicians to gather together in a spirit of friendship, support and guidance to advance their dentistry and training.

Being tired of all the confusing teachings and politics they pursued their dreams to find clinical answers to help bridge a gap between gnathologic and neuromuscular teachings. A healthy atmosphere of camaraderie and learning has been created to further optimal care for their patients.

The OC SUMMIT has been established as an extension of OC values and goals.


9061 West Post Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 United States  Telephone: (702) 271-2950

Leader in Gneuromuscular and Neuromuscular Dentistry

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