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2013 Occlusion Connections Summit




Paul Marc Goulet, M.B.A.  








Rod Willey, D.D.S., D.ACSDD, D.ASBA (President and CEO of Koala Center for Sleep Disorders)





Dr. Jerry Lim Eng Yong, BDS (Singapore), FRACDS (Australia) FICD

“A Gneuromuscular Foundation for Occlusal Rehabilitation in Dentistry”

Occlusion is a fundamental missing link in many dental treatment. This stems from the fact that it is a very difficult subject to master as an undergraduate module. Any form of dentistry requiring us to alter the occlusion in any dimension needs to be managed well especially in patients with TMD or TMJ issues. This presentation looks at the use of the use of Gneuromuscular Occlusion in the treatment of Restorative and Orthodontic occlusal rehabilitation cases. In this step by step presentation, it is the objective of the speaker to share his experiences of reconstructing bites in Dentistry from an Orthodontic as well as Restorative perspective.


Joseph G. Willardsen, D.D.S. (True Dentistry)

“Biomimetics Update”






  • Bruce W. Greenstein, D.M.D. – OC Fellowship case presentation
  • Dr. Yury Sergeevich Kalinin – OC Fellowship case presentation





Kenneth Himmler, Sr., CEP, CRPc, CFS, CES, CTS, CAS (President and CEO of H & H Retirement Design and Management)







Dr. Weng Cheu Yue, BDS (Singapore), FRACDS (Australia), MJDF, RCS (England)

“Linguadontics – Application of Myofunctional Therapy in Dentistry” 

The Linguadontics Concept takes an integrative approach and seeks to address the root cause of problems. Tracing the origins of function and neurology of the stomatognathic system, we learn to appreciate the abundance of resources made available to it for a ‘simple’ act of breastfeeding. The coordination of the cranial nerves and other important innervations facilitate the  harmonious yet effective operations of many muscles to aid the innate suck-swallow-breathe and rooting reflexes to help babies feed. The rise of the tongue signifies the myofunctional habituation to ensure good oral growth and development, postural alignment, gastrointestinal health, neurological balances and much more. The scope is wide but relevant to the profession of dentistry and the lecture will explore deep and wide into this path less taken – a tongue-centric, airway focused and myofunctional approach to health management.

  • The tongue’s core functions and its influence on overall health – Overview of the tongue and its function. The Importance of Myofunctional Training and rehabilitation of the      tongue functions, Identifying the signs and symptoms of poor myofunctional habits, The Myobrace and Myomunchee Systems, Case Studies
  • Understanding Cranial Nerves and their relation to Dentistry. Why TMD is a misnomer –    Appreciate the rich neural resources allocated to the stomatognathic system from birth,  Identify the role of neural innervations on the craniofacial areas and the related functions, Making sense of the musculoskeletal signs and symptoms in TMD, Relate TMD to the real sources of problem and understand strategies to improve the conditions.
  • Treatment planning & Treatment Options – Cases discussion ranging from children to adults, Integrative approach to managing cases across all the age range



Ray Foster, CDT (President and CEO of Las Vegas Esthetic Laboratory)








Jarod Shelton, Ceramist – Esthetic Alliance Lab





Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. (Founder/Director of Occlusion Connections)








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