OC Summit 5th Anniversary: Day 2 Photos

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OC Summit 5th Anniversary: Day 2


OC Summit 2013 pic27.jpgDSC08770.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic30.jpgOC Summit 2013 pic31.jpgOC Summit 2013 pic32.jpgOC Summit 2013 pic38.jpgOC Summit 2013 pic26.jpgOC Summit 2013 pic28.jpgDSC08767.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic29.jpg

“Back home and back in the office crazy busy…but wanted to express my appreciation to Hoa, Joe, Clayton and more for a wonderful 2 days at the Summit. The education received far exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more… the opportunity to spend time with the people whose names we read regularly here was equally fantastic. I enjoyed my time with all of you and look forward to the next opportunity we may have to see each other in person again…but I’ll have to come up with new jokes.” — Lawrence M. Stanleigh, BSc, MSc, D.D.S., Calgary, AB Canada

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“Dear friends,

Wanted to thank everyone for attending. It was nice to see old and new faces.
Thank u Hoa, Chris, Jane, Clayton and Joe for helping to make this happen-so many others. To many to mention. This wouldn’t have been possible without your efforts.
I am looking forward to Larry’s and Javier’s future OC lectures. Once every couple of years would be nice.”  — Derek M. Okamura, D.M.D., Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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“I have just been thinking over the last few days of what a great group we have in the OC. Getting to know most of you over the years has been a real blessing to me. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your friendship. The weekend was a blast I wish I would have a just a bit more time to catch up with some of you. ” — Joseph G. Willardsen, D.D.S., Las Vegas, NV

IMG_0130.JPGIMG_0149.JPGIMG_0152.JPGIMG_0153.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic116.jpgIMG_0154.JPGIMG_0156.JPGIMG_0157.JPGIMG_0159.JPGIMG_0160.JPGIMG_0162.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic114.jpgIMG_0163.JPGIMG_0171.JPGIMG_0174.JPGIMG_0179.JPGIMG_0180.JPGIMG_0185.JPGIMG_0190.JPGIMG_0192.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic115.jpgIMG_0193.JPGIMG_0195.JPGIMG_0203.JPGIMG_0204.JPGIMG_0205.JPGIMG_0140.JPGIMG_0144.JPG

“Well just in case you were wondering… Our infamous Weng Cheu is the O.C. Summit contest winner! Great job with all the pictures. It was like all of us having our own paparrazi.”

IMG_0228.JPGIMG_0229.JPGIMG_0235.JPGIMG_0226.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic129.jpgIMG_0231.JPGDSC08807.JPGDSC08806.JPGOC Summit 2013 pic128.jpg

“I am extremely thankful and happy that I had the opportunity to attend this gathering. A down to earth group of professionals who strive to be better to help their patients and their colleagues. The presenters shared their knowledge and some shared the secrets of their nitch with the participants without any holding back. They had no expectations of any kind nor trying to benefit from selling any product, just sincere commentaries toward their colleagues. I wanted to thank Dr.& Mrs. Chan, Hoa, Joe, Chris, all the presenters and the participants for making this meeting possible and enjoyable. It was so nice to finally meet the faces of the great Forumists ( new made up word!!) and I must say, they look even better in person than what we imagine in our mind they would look as we read their wonderful posts;-)
It was a Summit of learning, fun, laughter, camaraderie and just meeting, greeting and being among the same minded people. ” — Sam S. Sadati, DDS, FAACD, FAGD, Wellington, FL

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“To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

— Beginning Star Trek Episodes

OC Summit 2013 Group 3.jpg

 “Back in BC with NO five-hour fog delay! My deepest thanks to Dr. Chan for teaching GNM. (My patients thank you too!) Thank you to all the presenters (Larry, Gregg, Chris, Richard, Joe and Javier) for sharing so much of their knowledge. Thank you to Weng Cheu for the wonderful pics and to Hoa for organizing the event. And a big thank you to everyone who attended. It was so much fun finally placing the names to the faces.” — Susan Yang G. Go, D.M.D., M.Sc.,Delta, BC Canada

“Jane and I want to express our deep gratitude to every OC doctor that took his or her time to come to the OC Summit making this event possible. The OC Summit would not have been successful and enjoyable without each and every one of your presence.

We all had a great time visiting each other, as well as meeting new faces, yet familiar names from the forum.

We also appreciate all the speakers who did an excellent job of presenting and inspiring us – Gregg Ueckart, Javier Vasquez, Richard Carroccia, Larry Stanleigh, Chris Mohler and Joe Willardsen. This year’s program director, Hoa Nguyen and curriculum direct, Joe Willardsen went above and beyond their call of duty to make this program wonderful.

The OC Summit is the place where the best come together!
See you all at the next Summit!” — Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S., Las Vegas, NV

“It is now one week after the Summit. I have been gathering my thoughts all week wanting to make a comment. Unfortunately the Summit left me speechless, and those of you who know me know that doesn’t happen very often. Actually I was sort of numb by the end of the day last Saturday. It was by far the most exceptional gathering of dentists I have ever had the privilege of being with.

You had a 5 star meeting at a 5 star venue with 5 star organization. Everything ran perfectly (OK, Javier ran over a little……but who’s counting ?? It was awesome Javier !) It was a cross between continuing education and a college reunion. The format was perfect. Each of the presenters were incredible. I was not prepared for how really good this thing was going to be.

The OC Summit was a resounding success. I am sure that there will be Summit II, and Summit III, and more, but everyone will always remember Summit I, sort of like the first Super Bowl. Our OC colleagues who missed it will get another shot at the next one, and the ones to follow.

I came away from the Summit a very humble individual. We have colleagues from all over the world and we all have our own vision and points of view. I think we were able to all learn something from each other when it was presented in a slightly different light than we were used to seeing. I know I did.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the meeting, the presenting doctors who hung stuff out there for us to see, each of my colleagues who attended., and everyone who had a hand in making this without question the best meeting I have ever attended in over 30 yrs of practice.” — Gregory G. Yount, D.M.D., Mattoon, Illinois