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Microns Matter When Treating TMD Pain

Microns are not elusive as one may think! They do matter when it comes to dentists needing to properly adjust the occlusion (natural teeth or intra oral appliances).

Small micro details are only elusive when one can’t identify them clinically. When we treat these complex TMD patients they get better. It breaks both the somatic and neuropathic cycle of pain allowing the superficial, deep, episodic and continuous pain to diminish. It also effects the mood disorders and anxiety disorders. Identification of such certainly helps one clear up the muscular pains from the temporomandibular joint pain, osseous periosteal pain, from periodontal pain diagnosis’. Neurovascular, pulpal vs. peripheral neuritis or neuralgic confusions are also cleared up…. along with clarity as to whether previous diagnosis were on the right track or not. In this way all the varying opinions about TMD being a psychological condition vs. a physical condition can be distinguished to help move the patient forward allowing their autonomic system parasympathetic and sympathetics to normalize.

One can’t stop the pain unless it is properly addressed.

Occlusal contacts properly distributed across the biting surfaces do matter!  Don’t let a dentist tell you otherwise.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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