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“Today’s consumer/patient wants to be informed about the various signs and symptoms related to jaw pain (myofascial) and clicking joints that arise when teeth become worn, muscles become tender and jaw joints are malpositioned. Understanding treatment options as well as the philosophy your doctor employs while approaching your case is critical to achieve proper outcomes when you need relief from TMJ discomfort, cosmetic restorative failed dentistry and/or orthodontic failed care.”

It is a physiologic approach to addressing the underlying factors that require expertise in both gnathologic and neuromuscular dentistry involving:

  • Masticatory muscle dysfunction problems
  • Temporomandibular joint pain problems
  • Joint derangement problems.

GNM addresses the cause and source of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. It is a measured approach.


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Special Note: Distributing and use of this video or any other videos viewed on this site and posted to other websites is considered stealing intellectual property. No permission is granted to anyone accept Dr. Clayton A. Chan who is the originator and author of this video for use as a means to encourage other TMJ pain sufferers and giving them hope on this site. Patient permission was given only to Dr. Clayton Chan to use this video and no others. Please respect the rights and privacy of our patients.

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