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10th Anniversary Summit 2018

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“Dreams and Visions – A Road Map to Legacy”


Pastor Paul Goulet surprised us all with a well received and engaging first day presentation titled Dreams and Vision – A road map to legacy.  What he spoke was down to earth and connected us to our own personal situations – ourselves, our families and those around us.  We realized our life’s journey is full of positives and negatives experiences and is what influences our reactions and responses toward others.  This presentation really hit home to all of us.

OC Fellowship Awards granted the “OCF” to Drs. Bruce W. Greenstein (Pinecrest, FL), Yury Sergeevich Kalinin (Moscow, Russia), Dipesh Sitaram (Columbus, OH), Yumi Abei, orthodontist (Bellevue, WA), Hoa Nguyen (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).


OC Fellowship Awards Recipients

Upper left – Dr. Bruce W. Greenstein (Pinecrest, FL), upper center – Dr. Dipesh Sitaram (Columbus, OH), Lower center and upper right – Dr. Hoa Nguyen (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). Lower left –  Dr. Yumi Abei, orthodontist (Bellevue, WA), Lower right – Dr. Yury Sergeevich Kalinin (Moscow, Russia).

GNM – Extraordinary and Special Colleagues “Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing”!

Back row:  Jared Shelton – Esthetic Alliance (Las Vegas, NV), Dr. Krivorotov Anton (Russia, Moscow), Jose A. Bushdid, D.M.D. (Coral Gables, FL), Sagar Lunagaria, DMD, FICOI (Hillsborough, NJ), Ray Foster -Las Vegas Esthetics (Las Vegas, NV)

Third row: Joseph G. Willardsen, D.D.S. (Las Vegas, NV), Winston A. Wing, D.D.S. (Peace River, Alberta), Mariela K. Lung-Compton, D.M.D. (Lakeland, FL), Jack H. Corn, D.M.D. (Sarasota, FL), Al Winchar, D.M.D., (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada), Paul Mathew, D.D.S. (Salem NH), Dr. Hideka Momose (Tokyo, Japan), Jeffrey Lee, DDS (Seattle, Washington), Bruce W. Greenstein, D.M.D. (Pinecrest, Florida), John Allick (Palm Springs, CA), Joan Yamada-Myotronics, (Kent, WA), Fray Adib – CEO/President Myotronics, (Kent WA), Hamid Nassery, D.M.D., FICOI (Miami Beach, FL),   Jon W. Caulfield, D.D.S. (Littleton, CO)

Second row:  Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. (Las Vegas, NV), Jerry E.Y Lim, BDS, FRACDS (Singapore), Cam D. Kesteven, D.D.S., MAGD, (Mission BC), Amy H. See, D.D.S. (Rolesville, North Carolina), Yumi Abei, D.D.S., M.S.D. (Bellevue, WA), Shurli Wilkinson – Wilkenson Consultants (CA), Dr. Yury Sergeevich Kalinin (Russia, Moscow), Rod H. Strober, D.D.S. (Palm Springs, CA), Paul Chung, D.D.S. (Portland, Oregon), Dale F. Burke, D.D.S. (Anchorage, AK), Edward Miller D.D.S. (Scottsdale, Arizona), Thomas E Zafiratos, D.D.S. (Libertyville, IL), Charlie – Toshimitsu Kawada, D.D.S. (Tokyo, Japan)

Front row: Anna Kanemitsu, D.D.S. (Japan), Vickie Greenberg, D.D.S. M.S.D. (Altadena, CA), Fary Yassamy, D.D.S. (San Marino, California), Louisa Lee (Singapore), Yue Weng Cheu, BDS, FRACDS, MJDF RCSEng (Singapore), Dr. Larry Stanleigh, BSc MSc DDS (Calgary, Alberta Canada), Gin H. Goei, D.D.S. (South Pasadena, CA), Dora Z. Nemeth, D.D.S. (Austin, TX), Dipesh Sitaram, D.D.S. (Columbus, IN), Peter Erik Lutz, Dr. med. dent. (Nürnberg, Germany), Anne Nguyen and Hoa Nguyen, D.D.S. (Ottawa, ON Canada), Curtis L. Chan. D.D.S. (Del Mar, CA)

Not in picture: Cory N. Nguyen, D.D.S. (Dallas TX), Sid Solomon, DDS (Los Angeles, CA), Cheryl Y. Tamanaha, D.D.S. (Honolulu, HI), Eddie Siman, D.D.S. (Beverly Hills, CA), Byron M. Blasco, DMD, Ltd. (Las Vegas, NV), Lucy Zafiratos, RDH (Libertyville, IL), Russell K. Elloway, D.D.S. (Loma Linda, CA)

Dedicated, honorable, dependable, consistent and true!

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