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Comprehensive Dentistry: Restoring broken restorations esthetically

Comprehensively restoring failing dental restorations with new restorations involves a systematic and meticulous planning when it involves both upper and lower arches.  It is more involved than just replacing old crowns with new better looking ones as most routine dental work is done.

Because a new occlusal (bite) relationship is often involve, re-establishing a new plane of occlusion due to worn down dentition, or in some cases due to improper occlusal alignment, will require a closer look at how best to establish a jaw position that satisfies both the functional relationships of the existing masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints.

Teeth wear down, porcelain breaks, periodontal bone loss will occur when there exists abnormal forces that are often undetected or diagnosed.  Recognizing these underlying causes first in the planning stages are critical if the goal is to rejuvenate the mouth with new restorations and expect them to last.  The treating dentist must be trained in effective techniques and protocols to control the ultimate outcome of full mouth rehabilitation.  One cannot depend on the labs ability only to produce a proper functional bite or occlusion, although the lab is able to produce the beautiful porcelain restorations.  It is the functioning of all the intricate renewed dental structures that must be understood by the dentist since the dentist is involved in treating the muscles, TM joints (condyles and disc conditions) along with the new changes and alterations often required to make the new restorations feel comfortable and stable.

Note: There is so much more details and specifics than these photographs actually can show regarding how Dr. Chan manages his patients occlusion and restorative dentistry.  Training is required to get the detailed results he is able to achieve GNM style.

To Get Training in Bite Management Techniques with Dr. Clayton Chan: Advanced Bite Management – Level 6 Course

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