Mandibular GNM Orthotic Effects on the Cervical Alignment

Changes in all of the vertebral bodies (within 3 days of orthotic 24/7 wear time) cause a shifted from a hyper lordotic curvature to a normalized curvature and alignment in this case. An improved occlusal plane orientation via a more physiologic head level position also occured.  Now the clinician is able to recognize that the maxillary arch is actually retrognathic (not the mandible is prognathic).  A deficient upper lip was not recognized but is now clarified by this diagnosis.

A GNM orthotic is used to stablize any joint derangement and TM joint compression problems.  It also assists in resolving clenching problems to assist a more efficient alignment of the masticatory and postural system.

GNM Orthotic 3 - Clayton A. Chan, DDS

This person had a complex problems with TMJ issues, along with lyme disease which made it complicated. What the cervical spines proved was the powerfulness of my bite and orthotic adjustments skills helps align the cervical neck in a short time of 3 days.

Again, to emphasize the bite when properly managed and occlusally controlled can have an amazing effect on the structural system.  Most dentist and health care folks have very little understanding of this, since most dentist do not take the time nor have the skill and discipline to do the dentistry properly (they are typically in a rush with treatment).  Spending less time with their cases they not realize what is possible. Details can make a difference when properly managing the occlusion (bite).

Certainly the PT, massage, osteopaths, botox, trigger point injections, accupunture, arthocentesis, along with anterior discluding appliances, splints (full coverage uppers or lowers, MORA, Gelbs, etc, can be used to shore up as best as possible what has been lacking on the dentist part – proper physiologic mandibular positioning with detailed occlusal management in order to help reduce and optimize the discal tissues.

The evidence and proof is here.  It may not always be simple and easy and convenient for all, but perhaps this is why many TMD pain individuals are seeking reasonable answers to encouraging our dentist to get more advanced training to learn and find out what is possible.

An interesting and informative read:

Kjetil Larsen, Vestibular impairment and its association to the neck and TMJ, Juli 22, 2018.