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Occlusion Connections is a teaching and post graduate instructional center committed to advance dentists’ understanding and skills in dental occlusion. It is an information and training center committed to convey the art, science and values of both gneuromuscular (gnatho-neuro-muscular) and neuromuscular technology for the advancement of our dental profession and people we serve at the highest level. It is a group of clinicians who have common goals to positively interact and share their experiences relating to clinical dentistry. Honor, integrity, righteousness and justice. Connect the DOTS and see what happens when we give more than just half. Many dentists lack access to the basics in Occlusion Education while others promise to give 100%. We have that next part to change the future. Come be a part of our community of like-minded professionals!

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 9061 West Post Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 United States  Telephone: (702) 271-2950

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