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To teach and educate dentists in advanced dental occlusion and TMD, giving them knowledge, understanding and clinical protocols based on science and objective measurements. We have proven and logical answers many dentists are seeking from both the gnathic (CR) arena and neuromuscular (NM) minded.

GNM Occlusion is the Missing Link to both. Our Gnathic as well as Neuromuscular expertise and experience qualifies us to expertly address the clinical occlusal challenges every dentists are faced with. Patient’s with TMD pain problems, orthodontic failures and cosmetic restorative problems can be better answered with effective occlusal techniques and protocols. We know the dental profession does not understand nor adequately teach dental occlusion to dentists, because they themselves don’t understand how abnormal mandibular positioning and abnormal occlusal forces can negatively impact patients’ health and well-being. A poor bite can have devastating effects on one’s life, but most dentist ignore the underlying problems, band-aiding the real problem with more fillings, crowns, endodontically treated teeth, extractions, implants, orthodontics and cosmetics which never addresses the underlying developmental and bio-physiologic structural problems.

Dentists know that occlusion is real, but are often helpless not knowing what to do. Other seeking dentists are discovering that Occlusion Connections is the place to learn it properly. The strengths and weaknesses of major occlusal philosophies do not adequately answered the clinical problems dentists face every day. OC is where the serious clinicians find their answers!

Here is the beginning place where the <1% of dentists find their way to become competent and expert in GNM occlusal treatment and TMD resolution. www.occlusionconnections.com

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Founder/Director of Occlusion Connections™
Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Dentist, Las Vegas, NV

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