Shared Core Values, Mission and Goal

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We are committed to clinical excellence and the blossoming of business entrepreneurship, building a foundation upon which core values shape this organization’s vision and mission. The values of this organization include:

  • Respect for others who share the same values and interests in learning and educating themselves in the art and science of dentistry.
  • Atmosphere of positive exchange of ideas and concepts that stimulate new learning and knowledge that will bring others to new levels of proficiency.
  • Teachers who are role models who demonstrate with mastery these shared values that inspire others to walk the talk.
  • Love for family, friends and community.
  • Deeply held spirituality, consistent with personal behavior that reflects health.
  • Honesty, openness and willingness.
  • A commitment to excellence.
  • And most of all, gratitude to our creator God in whom we trust.


Our Mission and Goal is to support the dentists and laboratory dental technicians with advanced education (knowledge), and up to date training (techniques, protocols, skills as well as an increased awareness) in the arena of advanced gnathologics, neuromuscular and the use of diagnostics instrumentation. Implementing effective treatment protocols and techniques relating to TMD/orofacial pain, restorative/prosthetics and orthodontic/orthopedic dentistry is highly valued. Being leaders and a unifying factor to bridge our dental professions understanding and appreciation of both the gnathic occlusal and neuromuscular principles. Our teaching promotes and encourages a positive exchange of innovative ideas and learning which supports open discovery, support, and guidance to our course attendees.

  1. We establish GNM trained dentist around the world.
  2. We are driven by compassion and passion about what we do.
  3. We bring care to those who are hurting and to those who see value in what we do.
  4. We establish physiologic rest and peace where we go.
  5. We raise up leaders (the next generation) who will mentor these core values to leave this legacy.

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