Physiologic Rest

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  • normal repose after exertion
  • not pathologic
  • conforming to the normal functioning or state of the body or a tissue or organ;
  • physiological
  • A state of homeostasis
  • A place to start where the problem begins.
  • A reference point

” Is that position in space where all the masticatory muscles including all antagonistic muscle groups such as elevators and depressors are in the state of minimal electrical activity necessary to maintain postural rest.”

  • A Starting Position – To Begin Your Assessment
  • The position in which the muscles surrounding the mandible are at their anatomic resting length.
  • Balanced muscle tonus is maintained.
  • A state of minimal contracture, strain, compression and constriction is achieved when at physiologic rest.

Physiologic Rest Position

  1. It is that mandibular position in which the various mandibular muscles are simultaneously at their resting length and in balanced tonus with one another.
  2. It is always defined from (and only valid from) the upright postural position.
  3. It is the reference point for all diagnostic and treatment procedures involving restoration of the occlusal position.

A state of neutrality…where physiologic health and recover begins.


TMJ Care and Management Guidelines

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