SCIENTIFIC TRUTHS: Bio Physiology & Objective Measurements

Another Perspective to CLINICAL DENTISTRY

Scientific References

The Basis for Our Dentistry

A list of supportive scientific references substantiating what we believe and how we practice dentistry.

Power of Neuromuscular Occlusion

Expanding One’s Understanding

Neuromuscular occlusion is discipline of dentistry based upon minimizing the need for muscle ACCOMODATION as the patient closes into a STABLE CENTRIC OCCLUSION.

For the past forty three years, dentistry has enjoyed an exciting evolution in the delivery of care. Technological advances have predominantly driven this evolution. Scientific advances have resulted in dental materials as technological break-throughs using bio-instrumentation that have completely changed our perspectives on how dentist diagnose, manage and treat their cases.

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Taking a Deeper Dive

Neuromuscular Dentisty (NMD) is a protocol utilizing diagnostic instrumentation to OBJECTIVELY quantify, verify and measure bio-physiologic responses  of the masticatory and cervical system.  It takes into consideration the status and influences of MASTICATORY MUSCLES.

Facts About NMD

What Critics Say vs Facts

Throughout the more recent years critics within academia have attempted to disparage neuromuscular (NM) dentistry. The neuromuscular dental community has published compelling evidence in peer reviewed publications as well as in numerous articles in journals. No one with credible conviction can say anything negative about neuromuscular dentistry if they have thoroughly studied it and understand its multi-faceted principles and application in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

Literature Abstracts

What Does Science Say?

Partial List of Studies Substantiating OUR BELIEFS and UNDERSTANDING.

Ragging Battles and Rigged Panels

Fighting for Scientific Truth in the Neuromuscular Dental Arena

The following is a short read of dental history that I have adapted to our intellectual response that is not well known among our profession. I only share it out of soleme respect to the pioneers that walked before and taught in respect to the furthering of scientific inquiry and bettering of our present day understanding of muscle physiology, mandibular movement and function of the masticatory system.

Gneuromuscular (GNM) Dentistry

GNM is ADVANCED Clinical Application of Gnathic+NM Understanding

The most important part of GNM is the way the OC trained dentists thinks. There are many dentists in the dental profession who are trained and educated in various specialties and disciplines that can’t think outside of the box. A GNM minded dentist will not be successful unless he/she has a free way of thinking. They have come to learn that clinical success cannot be achieved in this world by just following the things they have learned in the past. A GNM minded dentist will not be successful unless he/she has a free way of thinking. Clinical success cannot be achieved in this world by just following the things they have learned in the past. Its the freedom of thought, the freedom to apply techniques necessary to solve a particular dental problem and the freedom of time to correctly apply the techniques necessary to gain a particular result.

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