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Occlusion Connections is a group of dental professionals who are dedicated toward promoting dental health and wellness to those in need nationally and internationally. It is comprised of a community of dentists and laboratory technicians who are trained and skilled in temporomandibular joint dysfunction, restorative/prosthetic and orthodontic/orthopedic dentistry.


OC offers advanced post graduate dental training based on gnathic and neuromuscular principles for dentist, technicans and team members.

A safe open atmosphere for learning has been created for dentists and team to reach their full potential professionally and individually amongst their peers.  Growth and development is a proven and validated process for freedom and maturing within a healthy environment for learning, discovery, support and guidance.

Three main disciplines are emphasized in OC’s GNM training:

  1. TMD – Understanding the physiologic principles of occlusion and diagnosis is key to successful dentistry.  Physiologic health and stability of any occlusion is foundational to advanced dentistry.
  2. Restorative/Prosthetics – Comprehending what is needed to stabilize and treatment plan cases that involve cervical dysfunction, TMJ primary problems, Class II division 2 and anterior open bites prior to preparing teeth.
  3. Orthodontic/Orthopedics – 3 Levels of orthodontics courses are offered with a foundation in growth and development, removable and fixed appliances as well as verticalization mechanics to transition from an orthotic to natural dentition effectively.

Dentists in North America and abroad choose to come to OC to understand, gain skills and knowledge about dentistry/occlusion and how it really works.

OC is based on developing relationships to build confidence within each clinician/dentist to be a leader within the dental profession.


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