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GNM is a Triad of Teachings

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GNM is a comprehensive approach to consider when objective diagnosis and treatment methods that are measured are important to one’s health and well-being.


In this comprehensive building block program Dr. Chan systematically provides clinically focused instruction, knowledge and detailed training for all dentists seeking answers and solutions to simple yet complex clinical problem.  He shows you the differences and why’s.

Are you tired, burned out, frustrated? . . . you know there is more!

These proven GNM teachings bring dentists from all over to a thought provoking diagnostic awareness that has opened their eyes to see how to refine their clinical skills, practice management experience and abilities to levels beyond the basics that has revolutionized their occlusal management, K7x and dental TENS understanding, laboratory communication and bite transfer (transitioning) protocols to new levels of mastery.

Come and see!  Dr. Chan and his team will show you how he does it – Our “Thinking Process”.


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Headaches and Relief Following Gold Standard for Assessment

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Leader in Gneuromuscular and Neuromuscular Dentistry

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