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OC encourages others to demonstrate what they understand by “walking the talk” in ones practice of the gnathic and neuromuscular concepts.

  • Knowledge is power.  It is knowing specific facts, principles and concepts that makes what OC teaches of great value.  We believe that sowing good seeds into those who have open hearts and who are willing to learn new things and be disciplined in GNM occlusion will in time reap a positive harvest of leaders who will in turn inspire others. Understanding these core values along this journey will in time bring an ability to comprehend in a manner that allows one to explain these aspects succinctly to others to help bring about positive change within our dental profession.
  • OC protects it’s freedom and independence – We believe in staying free from corporate influences that would dictate what we believe, practice and teach.
  • Responsibility and discernment results in freedom, not a rigid structure of everyone being the same. Scripture in the Bible says: “Solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to discern.” – Hebrew 5:14.
  • OC is not based on a hierarchy of talents, keeping individuals in dependence, but rather we teach and encourage doctors to function in liberty, to be independent creative thinkers, pioneers and innovators, going beyond and being the extraordinary.
  • OC is not a team building group/organization, but rather an entity that believes in independent individuals who can analyze, synthesize and evaluate problems effectively based on a comprehensive understanding of the bio-physiologic and bio-mechanical principles of dentistry.
  • OC builds confidence.  With confidence comes a healthy independence.  Leaders must stand on principles of significance, based on trust, transparency – connecting with others across boundaries.
  • Inspirational leadership builds on respecting each other.

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