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OC A Combined Approach

GNM – A Blended Approach

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  • GNATHOS – Greek for Jaw (Gnathology) “the study of the jaw”
  • NEURO – Nerves, Trigeminal V System
  • MUSCULAR – Muscles, Masticatory System

Gneuromuscular Occlusion is really a combined understanding and application of skill sets required to effectively treat the more complex cases – Goes far beyond cosmetics.  It is dentistry of healing with a focus on body alignment, function and esthetics.

An understanding in both gnathologic and neuromuscular principles are required….its not a matter of one or the other, its BOTH!

Clinicians need to understand both to optimally apply the occlusal principles in a balanced way.

An Emphasis on Conservative Treatment

  • OC upholds sound balanced principles in its approach using low frequency TENS, Jaw Tracking (computerized mandibular scanning (CMS) and electromyographic (EMG) technologies.  Conservative, balanced and scientific measurement principles and protocols are implemented and used as part of the comprehensive diagnostic process leading to conservative treatment and health dentistry.
  • Dentists are trained to focus on their license of care of their patients. Implementing and respecting the human dentition using sound judicious micro occlusal management protocols based on neuro-muscular concepts is part of the Gneuromuscular process.

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