80% Dentists vs. Finding the 1% Expert Dentist

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What is preventing people from receiving care that solves their problems?

  1. Is it access to trained personnel?
  2. Is it too many within the profession claiming abilities and patients wind up bouncing around without resolution and grow weary?
  3. Is it a lack of knowledge on the part of the public as to whether dentistry can even help?
  4. Is it cost?
  5. Is it confusion over Treatment modalities?
  6. Other factors?

80% Dentistry

Doctors who listen to patient feedback learn to act on the observed findings.  A large percentage of physician’s or health care providers who many of the TMD patients have seen over the past 5-6 years either are either not interested in patient feedback, or will tell the patient that their problems is related to something else.  Some will say the problem is related to obliterated discs or will tell the wondering patient that their occlusion is perfect or they are stressed, to nothing is wrong.  Perhaps, they suggest, that TMD, pain, disc derangements, and masticatory dysunction is related to menneires disease, CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Giant Cell Temporal Arthritis, Eagles Syndrome and the list goes on…….

The desperate patient spends more money to get tested for these suggested problems and low and behold the testing comes up negative – those suspected problems are not present and the physician either goes quiet or tells you the testing is wrong!