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I want to let you know that OC and all our K7 doctors are committed to Myotronics and the neuromuscular approach.  OC no doubt in my mind is the leading training entity, center and place where those who are seeking advancement in their NM understanding and clinically abilities can come to learn how to apply the principles at an advanced level –  beyond what is being presently offered anywhere in this world.

We believe in building long term commitment dentists who value the NM principles that Dr. Jankelson and Jim Garry advocated years ago.  We see the importance of creating dedicated clinicians who understand the clinical issues as well as help instill a deep seated value for our K7 and J5’s.  We believe in effective clinical interpretation of all the K7 scans (not a watered down version of pseudo NM interpretations) according to GNM principles that have been proven and clinically effective.  OC raises the bar on all neuromuscular K7 dentists who treat TMD, orthodontics and complex occlusal problems with insights and depth that surpasses standard classical NM teachings of the past 10 years.

Please encourage any and all NM colleagues who have a desire to advance their continuing education in these concepts to come to OC for their GNM training.  OC is the true believes in Neuromuscular Occlusion.

OC has proven to many NM K7 trained dentists that we have advanced teachings that fills in the missing gaps of the present day NM teachings.  As you know we are passionate and are definitely on track in helping many regain back a vision,  focus, commitment and return back to a balanced perspective of why we own and operate our K7’s at advanced levels.  We are not those who understand a watered down NM political perspective, but rather are the committed elite who know what the differences are about.

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