Speakers Line-Up: OC Summit 2018

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Celebrating Occlusion Connections 10th Anniversary 2018

DAY 1: SPEAKERS LINE UP – Thursday, October 25th 

Clayton Chan August 2015aCLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S., (Founder/Director of Occlusion Connections) – Las Vegas, NV

Opening Remarks: Laying the Foundation

We have reached a 10th year mile marker of the existence of Occlusion Connections teachings.  Thanks to the many dedicated and sincere clinicians around the world who have continued their interest, support and desire to advance our dental profession, their skills, knowledge, understanding and leadership with other like-minded colleagues.  OC’s influence to our dental profession exists in a strong way today!  This meeting is about YOU!  It is about who we are, what we represent to the world, to our profession, patients, family, to ourselves and to the Great Creator God who loves us all dearly.  We are excited to see you at this meeting – You are OC – You are the Best!

Pastor Paul Goulet 2REV. PAUL MARC GOULET, MA, CEO Top Leader in Developing Healthy Leaders, Senior Leader ICLV, Awarded Outstanding Nevadan from UNLV – Las Vegas, NV

“Dreams and Visions – A Road Map to Legacy “

8 Road Signs on the Journey:

  1. who are you? The seven spheres of health.(exercise )
  2. Get a dream: exercise
  3. Build a vision: exercise
  4. Others have dreams & visions: staff . Clients
  5. Others have problems
  6. You have answers (exercise)
  7. You need a team .. build one (exercise)
  8. Add value to others and reap a harvest (exercise)



“Dental Sleep Medicine, More than a Hobby”

I will be talking about the need to have a seamless system that allows you to successfully treat the patients.

Topics in this presentation:

  • Look beyond the teeth
  • Understand the disease
  • Treat the disease
  • Train the whole team
  • Proven systems
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing
  • Billing/getting paid
  • On-going coaching


Jerry Lim 2DR. JERRY LIM ENG YONG, BDS (Singapore), FRACDS (Australia) FICD – Singapore

“GNM Restorations, TMJ and Orthodontics”

Occlusion is a fundamental missing link in many dental treatment. This stems from the fact that it is a very difficult subject to master as an undergraduate module. Any form of dentistry requiring us to alter the occlusion in any dimension needs to be managed well especially in patients with TMD or TMJ issues.  This presentation looks at the use of the use of Gneuromuscular Occlusion in the treatment of Restorative and Orthodontic occlusal rehabilitation cases. In this step by step presentation, it is the objective of the speaker to share his experiences of reconstructing bites in Dentistry from an Orthodontic as well as Restorative perspective.

At the OC Summit, I will be presenting on GNeuromuscular Foundations for Occlusal Rehabilitation in Dentistry. My topic covers:

  • Smilemakeovers and GNM. Where is the link?
  • Integrating Digital Smile design with GNM occlusion in Full Mouth Cases.
  • GNM and Orthodontics particularly Invisalign. How to integrate nvisalign with GNM.

Basically, I want to show that OC principles should be expanded to a larger audience instead of being considered only for TMD type cases. It should BE the foundation of occlusal therapy in any aspect of dentistry that involves occlusion i.e. basically everything. The larger audience outside OC have the mentality that OC teachings is for TMD and related type therapy at the moment which I beg to differ.

My presentation will focus on step by step case sharing rather than concepts and academia.

meet-dr-joseph-willardsen 2JOE WILLARDSEN, DDS, – Las Vegas, NV

“Biomimetic – Breaking the Dental Cycle”




OC Fellowship Awards Dinner & Doctor Case Presentations

A number of extraordinary clinicians will be celebrated and will be presented the OC Fellowship Award to honor their achievements and dedicated efforts in clinical application of the GNM principles of diagnosis and treatment.  The OC Fellowship Program allows doctors to earn this unique and prized Fellowship among an elite group of peers.


DAY 2: SPEAKERS LINE UP – Friday, October 26th 

Kinneth HimmlerKENNETH HIMMLER, SR., CEP, CRPc, CFS, CES, CTS, CAS, (President and CEO of H & H Retirement Design and Management) – Las Vegas, NV

“How New Tax Law Effects Dentists”

Section 1) Foundational Asset Protection

Learn the proper way to structure your business and personal finances to protect against litigation.

  • Learn what the biggest liability risk a Dental Practice has is, and how to protect against it
  • Find out why depending on mal-practice insurance can lead to bankruptcy in litigation
  • Understand why 70% of LLC’s will fail to protect assets in a lawsuit
  • How a NAPT can protect 100% of your assets and income if structured properly

Section 2) Maximizing Profits and Tax Reduction Under Trump Tax Reform

With only three years left, what have you done to restructure your personal and business tax plan for maximum savings

  • Find out if your using these three Trump Tax Reform rules to reduce your tax by up to 40%
  • Learn how foreign Dentists can now use the U.S. to reduce tax by up to 50%
  • Understand why using an IRA or Pension plan may be the biggest tax mistake you make and how to unravel it
  • How to use the tax code to increase your marketing and net patient inflows

Section 3) Exit Strategy Maximization

When you build your practice with the exit in mind you can take your typical Dental Practice Value and increase by up to 3X with the proper structure.

  • Learn the three biggest mistakes Dentists make in building their business for later sale
  • How to structure your practice with the end in mind and maximize your exit strategy
  • The one action you must take to eliminate tax on the sale of your practice


Yue Weng Chu 3DR. YUE WENG CHEU, BDS (Singapore), FRACDS (Australia), MJDF RCS (England) – Singapore

“GNM and the Basis of Neurological Reflexes”

The Linguadontics Concept takes an integrative approach and seeks to address the root cause of problems. Tracing the origins of function and neurology of the stomatognathic system, we learn to appreciate the abundance of resources made available to it for a ‘simple’ act of breastfeeding. The coordination of the cranial nerves and other important innervations facilitate the  harmonious yet effective operations of many muscles to aid the innate suck-swallow-breathe and rooting reflexes to help babies feed. The rise of the tongue signifies the myofunctional habituation to ensure good oral growth and development, postural alignment, gastrointestinal health, neurological balances and much more. The scope is wide but relevant to the profession of dentistry and the lecture will explore deep and wide into this path less taken – a tongue-centric, airway focused and myofunctional approach to health management.

The tongue’s core functions and its influence on overall health.

  • Overview of the tongue and its function
  • The Importance of Myofunctional Training and rehabilitation of the tongue functions.
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms of poor myofunctional habits
  • The Myobrace and Myomunchee Systems
  • Case Studies

Understanding Cranial Nerves and their relation to Dentistry. Why TMD is a misnomer.

  • Appreciate the rich neural resources allocated to the stomatognathic system from birth.
  • Identify the role of neural innervations on the craniofacial areas and the related functions.
  • Making sense of the musculoskeletal signs and symptoms in TMD.
  • Relate TMD to the real sources of problem and understand strategies to improve the conditions.

Treatment planning & Treatment Options

  • Cases discussion ranging from children to adults
  • Integrative approach to managing cases across all the age range

Learning objective:

  1. Appreciate the neurology that affect our oral functions right from birth. Understand how breastfeeding’s neural controls have long term and future implication to dental conditions.
  2. Learn to recognize and treatment plan for simple myofunctional cases and to apply knowledge for daily dental management.
  3. Understand the importance of myofunctional therapy for TMD treatment.
  4. Observe the importance of tongue training from infants to geriatric patients.


Ray Foster, CDT 2.jpgRAY FOSTER, CDT (President, Las Vegas Esthetics) – Las Vegas, NV

A Day in the Life of a NM Dental Lab



JARROD SHELTON, Ceramist (Esthetic Alliance) – Las Vegas, NV

“How to Eliminate Errors with Your Complex Restorative Cases”



CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

CLOSING STATEMENTS – The Power of Your Voice to Fulfill Your Dreams

It is going to be an awesome meeting and a great time of learning, friendship and celebrating each others achievements.  It will be a wonderful time for the OC Family to get together and enjoy one another as we progress forward into the future with a legacy.