What Does the K7 Do?

by Gregory Yount, D.M.D. – Mattoon, IL (OC Levels 1-7, Ortho 1-3)

“The K7 only helps us to “see” what we cannot see and aids in the overall evaluation and process. I think where many may get confused like everyone else is the difference between the myomonitor (tens) and the duotrodes which are part of the K7 measuring EMG activity.

The actual device that aids in the trajectory issues which we are discussing is the “array” that sits on your head. It is an extremely sensitive device which measures the magnetic field in 6 dimensions in conjunction with a magnet that is place on the front of your lower jaw just below your incisors. Each of these parts of the K7 has a part to play in displaying the overall function through the various scans that are run. Some show velocity, some show trajectory, some show EMG’s, and some show joint sounds just for starters.

It is putting all of this information together with other sources of information such as CBCT images of the joints, MRI’s, cervical spine x-rays, and all the rest that help the doctor discover what is actually going on with the patient. I think many people get the idea that we just put on some electrodes, many of which are actually sensors and those things determine the bite !! Not so as you yourself can attest.

Paying attention to all of the various factors and listening to the patient goes a long way to figuring things out. You are right especially in your last sentence………..machines are just machines, and if they are not used correctly will spit out tons of useless information which is not even worthy of trying to interpret…………….”

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