EMG Occlusal Timing and First Tooth Contact – Scan 12

The pink triangle on the sagittal plane represent the the amount of tooth structure that would need to be ground away (measured in square millimeters area) to accommodate an optimized mandibular closure along that isotonic mandibular path (slightly anterior) to the habitual voluntary trajectory.

GNM Adjustment Rule (Pink Triangle):

  • Any value greater than 0.2 mm or more is an indication that adding up on the posterior occlusal surfaces would be more conservative in treatment than grind precious enamel away (subtraction).
  • A value lower then 0.2 mm would qualify for conservative equilibration (enamalplasty) to accommodate an optimized mandibular closure with the habitual voluntary closure path.

Pathologic closing events vs. reproducible physiologic healthy closing events.

Scan 12 Before and After