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Dr. Chan’s systematic and methodical approach in discovering the underlying cause (etiology) of each patients complaint is critical to his success.  His dentistry is a subtle blend of dental laboratory technology background with an overlay of traditional gnathologic teachings and experience that inspires the precision detailing of both gnathic and neuromuscular principles.

Areas of Dental Services:

  • Cranio-mandibular Myofacial Pain Management – Phase 1
  • Orthodontic/ Orthopedic Rehabilitation – Phase 2
  • Comprehensive Esthetic Restorative Rehabilitation- Phase 2

His dentistry has been recognized as the premiere Gneuromuscular Dental approach for those seeking this mode of treatment which involves TMD/ Cranio mandibular pain disorders, orthodontic/ orthopedic dysfunction and comprehensive esthetic rehabilitation.  The K7 and Myomonitor instrumentation is used to establish cranio to mandibular jaw relationship that is scientific and objectively measured to convey Dr. Chan’s physiologic occlusal diagnosis and treatment in a precise and accurate manner.

Dr. Chan is widely viewed as the pre-eminent practitioner and clinician in both neuromuscular and gnathic dentistry and occlusion.  His teachings have been shown to be relevant to all dentists and specialist who are involved in contemporary restorative, TMD, orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry.

About Our Chan Optimized Bite Training
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Dr. Clayton Chan’s unparalleled passion for the bio-physiologic sciences and their applications to dental occlusion, bite management and bite transfer techniques, inspired him to develop the CHAN OPTIMIZED BITE™ Dental Training Center which offers clinician an opportunity to learn specific techniques designed to systematically find the physiologic bite position for his/her patients using computerized instrumentation to enhance and redefine the traditional neuromuscular bio-instrumentation techniques at an advanced level.

Chan Optimized Bite Training

A Master Track Training Program is designed to specifically enhance the clinicians diagnostic, treatment awareness and clinical  process with skills levels beyond the basics.

  • Step 1 is required before a second and third step can be adequately achieved in this GNM process.  “We don’t like to miss steps nor try to eliminate key fundamentals in our training program”.
  • Step 2 -7 will naturally be achieved once key foundations are understood.  This is how we build the understanding, knowledge, skills, experience and judgement process to do what we do.

To achieve an optimized results requires specific principles, concepts and methodologies that are followed and practiced.

Click to see our Levels 1-8 training program and more: OC GNM Training Program

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