How NM Dentists Can Begin the OC GNM Training and Journey

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NM docs who have extensive experience and are interested in OC courses tend to shy away from them because they feel that they don’t  want to ‘repeat the basics’ in their opinion. They don’t realize what part of their NM experience and understanding is missing.

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OC’s Scan Interpretation and clinical application – SI course is an excellent way to help these NM experienced doctors enter into the OC journey to see what they didn’t realize and the quality of OC’s teaching and how OC can help improve their clinical results to another level.

SI course is now called Level 8. Perhaps the NM doctors will feel better and more confident if they are staring with level 8 and they are not required to take any more courses after Level 8 if they don’t want to. They only prerequisite for Level 8 is previous K7 training. For these K7 doctors I am sure they all had their K7 training previously. So, that OC’s Scan Interpretation course is a good way to encourage them to come to OC to check it out.  To see if completing their journey is worth their effort.

There are many NM trained dentists who know all about TENS and K7 basics and use it reasonably well, but could not relate how to relate the more advanced occlusal problems at another level when faced with the more challenging issues from the cervical dysfunction, TMJ primary, class 2 div. 2 and anterior open bite issues as many have heard and observed in their lecturer presentations.

OC Occlusal Teachings – Advancing Beyond the Basics

They were not getting the results they didn’t realize were possible. We all know that…..So they settle for whatever they assumed was the best of NM teachings relying on different techniques and methods they learned based on their basic understanding….masking or band aiding the underlying issues or excusing themselves and their techniques. They are not clear on why cervical group EMGs don’t go down when they go up after TENS, or why those SCM, occipital tensions, zygomatic issues don’t fully go away, etc. as examples so they pacify themselves with ideas and concepts that when testing them do not really address the missing occlusal issues. They ignored monitoring the LCG/RCG (cervical group EMGs) and rather feel better with the monitoring of SCMs which naturally show low EMG patterns routinely.

Many of our OC doctors were of the mindset of not seeing the value of starting with Level 1 which is totally understandable coming from their perspective. They didn’t want to come to Levels 1-4 in the early years of OC (2008-2010). They thought Level 1 was too below them. They felt they were advanced and experienced so they felt starting at level 5 would better suit their needs. But it didn’t take more than a couple of years of this type of teaching (letting them skip) that it became apparent that the Levels 1-4 doctors who started from the beginning had better skills, knowledge and clinical abilities than the K7 computer screen watchers (doctors who started at Level 5 with no Level 1-4 background) especially when it came to bite taking.

What is Missing?

Additionally, these experienced K7 doctors were missing so much information and background as to Level 2 diagnostics, level 3 treatment planning….the “thinking process” …..not grasping all that great and key information in Level 3 they had no clue about (EMGs and orthotic GNM orthotic design) and Level 4 micro occlusion (a systematic approach to occlusal adjustments, GNM style) along with how and why GNM orthotic design is key…relating it all to the missing aspects of both gnathic and NM occlusion…Now G +NM occlusion is taken to another level. How can our NM colleagues understand all that which is clearly missing? Do you see how much they are missing?

This is a huge problem they face and don’t realize. These are choices and decision that all our OC doctors who have humbled themselves to realize there is a huge difference in outcomes. This is what makes OC doctors unique and special. Not all NMD doctors are trained as Delta Force OC elite. But OC focuses on training those special dentists who really want to perfect and understand NMD at an advanced level and beyond. We are not easily fooled. We see what is missing. That is what OC training is about.

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