When Changing VDO is Clinically Acceptable

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Vertical of GNM Orthotic

When vertical dimension between the mandible to maxillary arches is lost.  Shimming up this deficiency would seem to be a reasonable approach using a conservative, removable intra oral appliance, especially if you experience TMD symptoms involving masticatory dsyfunctions, pain and joint derangement problems.  Treatment using a Lower Anatomical GNM Orthotic has been found to be an effective alternative diagnostic as well as initial treatment method when clicking, popping, restricted jaw opening problems exist.  Muscle pains may exist in combination with some of these clinical signs and symptoms.

When is changing vertical dimensino of occlusion (VDO) clinically acceptable:

  • Condyle/disc entrapment – joint derangement exists
  • Mandible is positioned posteriorly
  • Mal aligned dental arches
  • Poor arch development
  • Lack of tongue space
  • Posterior occlusal collapse
  • Collapsed facial esthetics
  • Cervical dysfunction