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What is GNM?  The Difference Between GNM Dentistry and NM Dentistry

The Optimized Bite is totally different from classical K7 and low frequency TENSing protocols and techniques.  It goes beyond so called “Chan Scans” that many neuromuscular clinicians have learned from in the past.  At OC, we train our doctors to see things they haven’t seen before, to understand and comprehend foundational principles they were not able to realize before.  Now, with logical step by step teachings at OC, the clinician begins to realize the underlying difference in taking a bite versus “building a bite”in 6 dimensions.

Physiologic rest is not really physiologic until it is optimized, proven and validated.

Our doctors learn the proven GNM techniques that focuses on careful observation of their patient’s mandibular positioning.

The Optimized Bite protocols are an advancement from all classic TENS, Myobites, so called “Chan Scan K7 Scan 4/5 bites” and other K7 bite recording techniques taught in the NM arena.

The lower mandibular GNM orthotic is not based on the misnomer of “pulling” the jaw down and forward.  This is not neuromuscular nor physiologic. These are terms that are often used…but this is not accurate.


  • We don’t pull anything forward. Even in our OC protocols we are not pulling the jaw forward.  The fact of the matter is that the mandible is pulling itself backward causing and inducing the TMD problems.
  • All we are doing is identify a relaxed mandibular position and allowing the mandible to relax down and slightly more forward where the mandible wants to be.  We don’t force anything forward or back.

When there are abnormal forces in either the muscles or occlusion, that is when one feels pain and discomfort.


“The unifying Vision of GNM brings clarity of diagnosis, allowing focus of treatment for the highest resolution in a timely manner.”

Dentist are now recognizing clinically the fact that GNM (gneuromuscular) is another level of advancement in neuromuscular application.


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