TMJ: Complicated or Not Complicated? What should we eliminate to simplify?

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I am sure many of my colleagues see the challenge as dentists get into this arena of TMD occlusal services.

Some criticize me and say that what I teach and practice is way to complicated.  If that is so and true, than how in the world can the GNM dentists all simplify this process of resolving difficult and complex TMD issues?

  • Do we eliminate the prudent use and application of detailed micro occlusion/coronoplasty protocols in the practice?
  • Should we eliminate the use and need for a properly designed and applied lower anatomical orthotic?
  • Should we limit the use of our K7’s or don’t use them at all to see what we didn’t realize?
  • Should we relinquish the doctor time and involvement in such and have our team do the rest in managing these kind of cases?
  • Or do we just refer the cases out to some place, somewhere (adjunctive therapy, multi-disciplinary approach) hoping that others will deal with these patients problems?

Last night I saw an out of town TMD patient who had undergone extensive evaluations by physicians and dentists which included brain MRI, polysomnographic testing, TMJ MRI’s multiple times, with a constellation of musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms.  She also had 3 previous NM orthotics that were done by various NM K7 TENS clinicians along with  T scan occlusal adjustments which she found ineffective in resolving her condition.

After her GNM orthotic was delivered 2 months ago, she reported feeling some of the symptoms return at the 3 week time.  She did email me and I told her what to do in the meantime until she returned yesterday evening to Las Vegas.  She did report that all the symptoms are significantly reduced, no longer constant as they were before (previous pains for 4 years were constant shock pains, tinglings and fleeting neural sensations (spontaneous) to the right side of her face, eyes and lips.

Last night was her first follow up visit after a 2 month period.  She previously had shocking pains, tingling neurological sensations to her the right corner of her lips and right corner of her eyes, with numerous signs and symptoms to the head, neck and shoulder regions that had persisted for 4 years.  Some doctors thought she had a brain lesion.

Last night I can positively report, GNM ROCKS!  Optimization Rocks!  Occlusal details Matters!

Patient is doing very well and pleased with results so far.

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