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GNM Occlusion is the Foundation to Advanced Dentistry


Are you feeling unsure about dental occlusion and what TMD is about? GNM can help you.

  • We build confidence!
  • We re-set the “Thinking Process” in being the physicians of the mouth.
  • We have answers!
  • We are detailed and comprehensive
  • We set the clinical future for diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Don’t Waste TIME in your Career – Make the Occlusal Connection and Become an Expert!
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Dentists have recognized there are missing gaps in both their gnathologic and neuromuscular education. OC Masterclass training is for those 10%er’s who are serious and want to find real answers beyond the classic CR (centric relation) and NM (neuromuscular) approaches.

OC Masterclass training by Dr. Clayton Chan recognizes the missing keys and secrets to dental occlusion and TMD that are not taught in today’s dental school education.

Dentists come to learn GNM to stretch their clinical wings to master the restorative, prosthetic/implent, orthodontic and TMD protocol, methods, techniques with Dr. Chan advancing their skills to provide quality patient care and treatment effectiveness at the next level. OC offers a comprehensive continuum of courses Levels 1-8, plus Ortho/orthopedics 1-3 along with the best clinical K7 training in the technology.


Patients who experience unresolved pain, failed restorative treatment and jaw problems come to recognize through their own research that Dr. Clayton Chan’s occlusal GNM teachings and methods are the most logical, reasonable and makes the most sense!  Don’t wait another 10 years to learn GNM occlusion! In time your patients will find out what you don’t know!


Experienced dentist come to learn from Dr. Chan the diagnostic and clinical occlusal GNM secrets, principles, protocols and methods not taught anywhere in the world.  They learn the nuances of muscle health vs. muscle dysfunction and their effects they have on restorative and orthodontic dentistry.  Upgrading one’s dentistry and comprehensive orthopedic protocols involving “micro-occlusal” adjustment skills based on an awareness of stable muscles is key to effectively master and treat the more difficult/complex occlusal/TMD cases.

OC Celebrating 14 Years

The conscientious experienced clinician recognizes these problems exists in their dental practice.  Following Dr. Clayton Chan’s GNM protocols, experience and research, clinicians from around the world learn how to master his teachings, obtaining the missing answers to questions that have left thousands of dentists around the world in a dilemma – removing “dental burnout”.  These instructive teachings are scientifically based with objective measured protocols that bringing to the table what has been missing for years.  Doctors know these teachings make the most sense both gnathologically and neuromuscularly.  Every dentist (young and old) who desire to refine their technical and diagnostic talents comes to discover the missing pieces in their journey.  Objective physiologic measure data in Dr. Chan’s teachings brings to light what many still do not know.

3 Type of Dentists


MASTER THE PHYSIOLOGY OF DENTAL OCCLUSION – GNM concepts goes beyond the basics and classic neuromuscular fundamentals. It takes the dentist into the realm of realizing the clinical answers to questions that have not been adequately answered in today’s dentistry.  GNM gives the treating clinician the confidence, understanding and expert skills that are missing in today’s dental occlusal education. Mastering the diagnostic examination process is critical when the dentists desires to be effective in treatment planning. Physiologic records and bite registration must be at an optimal relationship for effective results. OC’s  teachings are proven, specific, detailed, scientific and physiologic sound. This is what G+NM is all about.

“If you don’t see the problems, you can’t diagnose the problems. If you don’t diagnose the problems you can’t treat the problem.  Diagnosis is key to effective treatment planning and patient success!”


Advanced Diagnostic Principles – Objective Measured Protocols

TESTIMONIAL  – “As you know, my practice is limited to TMD and Sleep Dentistry.  I’m basically a bite doctor.  In addition to my local office, I work with a group of prosthodontists.  Taking your curriculum has increased the success level of my patient care significantly.  My patients, my referring doctors, and the doctors I work with at Ozark Prosthodontics all thank you for what you have allowed me to do for them. It’s made it worth making those trips to Las Vegas. I think you know how much I hate leaving my little farm here in rural Arkansas, so that’s saying a lot.”Stephen C. Fisher, D.D.S., Clarksville, AR

Methods, Protocols and Techniques when TREATMENT PLANNING your Cases

Resting EMGs

Advanced MICRO OCCLUSION Instruction and Hands-On Training

GNM is more than teaching. It’s DOING IT correctly that makes the clinical difference.


We have the most complete G+NM OCCLUSION CURRICULUM in the world.

Optimal Occlusion

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