Symptoms of Temporal Arteritis

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Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can mimic other dental and medical problems. A proper diagnosis regarding head and neck pain is very important because serious medical problems such as vascular disorders, brain tumors, aneurisms, cervical disc disorders, throat and oral cancer, “Eagles” syndrome, etc. can produce similar symptoms of TMJ disorders. It is important to inform your dentists office of any change in your health history..

Symptoms of temporal arteritis can mimic temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) can include:

  • severe pain in muscles
    • a throbbing headache that’s usually in the temples
    • pattern change of headaches
    • tenderness in the scalp and temple areas
  • jaw pain, which sometimes can occur with chewing
  • shoulder pain, hip pain, and stiffness
  • sudden onset
  • no previous history of TMD issues
  • double vision
  • sudden, permanent loss of vision in one eye
  • systemic symptoms
    • fatigue
    • weakness
    • loss of appetitie
    • unintentional weight loss
    • fever
  • neurologic signs/ symptoms
    • skin sensitive
    • numbness and tingling in forearms
  • older age

These symptoms can also occur due to other conditions. You should call your doctor anytime you’re worried about any symptoms you’re experiencing.