Bringing to Light Key Links to TMD Confusion

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I was invited by Dr. Sushil Koirala, Founder and Coordinator – MiCD Global Academy, Chief- Editor of MiCD Clinical Journal, as one of many globally renowned clinicians, academicians and researchers to answer 15 exclusive interview question for their clinical e-journal sharing my experience, clinical and research findings on the subjective of “TMDs – Confusion & Consensus: Expert’s Advice“. The following is the fifteenth and last response to MiCD’s questions.

15. Would you like to bring to light anything else with regards to TMD confusion-consensus? Also, kindly suggest to our readers the key links to have more knowledge about your views, research, and publications.

Predictable occlusion can measure, locate an optimal jaw position, quantify the quality of muscle calmness and determine the most optimal functional mandibular position. Measurements can quantify the level of mandibular to maxillary positional health.  Whether the mandible is functioning on an isotonic path of closure or whether it is closing on a pathologic path of closure that strains the muscles and joints can make a significant clinical difference in dental health. TM joint sounds can be measured and quantified as to what level of joint problems exist.

I believe my answers in these writings have given you a glimpse into my world of dental occlusion and TMD.  There is so much more.  Dentistry encompasses many facets and disciplines.  Occlusion is nothing less than a continuation of growth and development issues from early childhood to adult stages in life. Bio-physiologic principles of occlusion are the same no matter what discipline of dentistry you focus on. From pediatric (early growth), operative preventative care, orthodontic development, cosmetic/restorative comprehensive full mouth, endodontic biologic care, fixed/removable prosthetic implant care to myofascial/TMD care are all parts of this occlusion continuum.  Dental occlusion and TMD are part of nature’s process in the life of a dental patient.  Dental health requires masticatory muscle and joint stability with precise balanced occlusion functioning along an optimal myo-trajectory.  Unstable occlusion leads to unstable muscles and unstable joints. All treatments and methods will FAIL without a clear understanding of the principles and precise application of the GNM concepts in establishing homeostasis (STABILITY) of the BITE.
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