Dental TENS Safety and Effectiveness

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Dental TENS devices used for TMD treatment are evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness and safety.

Let’s focus on safety:
Dental TENS devices are designed to have a maximum current capacity of 25 milliamps because they are indicated for stimulating smaller and delicate facial muscles. It is imperative that the TENS incorporate an additional safety feature to limit the maximum current to 25 milliAmps in case there is an accidental short due to a failing component. As we learned in the case of Lynn G. , high current can very rapidly elevate the jaw and cause severe injury to the tongue– even shatter the teeth.

A baseless argument used on this forum by those ignorant and untrained on TENS devices is that “TENS has only a 9 volt battery”. This shows their utter ignorance about TENS safety. It is the current that injures and can even be fatal, not the voltage. A 9 volt battery can output many 100’s of milli amps which can be over 20 times the maximum current that can safely be applied to the head and neck region!


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