Why Occlusion Teachers Oppose TENS When Determining a more “Physiologic” Mandibular Position?

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Most teachers have never been properly trained in the use of TENS and how it can be effectively used accurately and precisely with jaw tracking to record a more optimal mandibular to maxillary jaw relationship…thus, they unfortunately drew their own conclusions based on their knowledge and experience with it, perpetuating false views about low frequency TENS.

I have had a totally different and amazing experience with my myomonitor J5 TENS having combined it with my K7 jaw tracking technology and so at OC many of our NM and CR colleagues get to see a totally different perspective about the value of TENS and the importance of jaw tracking (CMS) combined to capture and record our bite registrations when we diagnose and treat our cases very accurately. This redefined their understanding of what “physiologic rest” means and what TENS does and does not do. It also helps define what an optimal Myo-trajectory (mandibular closure path), the quality of involuntary pulse patterns that produce such trajectories to identify what an optimal jaw position really is. Old definitions are clarified and must be defined to stop the distorted teachings that are perpetuated by from those who don’t have the same K7 kineseographic jaw tracking and TENS experience.

It is clear that many doctors are confused about bimanual manipulative techniques. They have found them not be reproducible and accurate enough for the discriminating and detailed sensitive TMD patient, thus the reason why we teach and advocate what we do at Occlusion Connections (OC). We help doctors across all venues understand and answer their questions that have bothered them for years…now they know what is possible clinically at 0.1-0.3 mm accuracy when determining their patients bites in 6 dimensions. Yes, it is possible…and not dependent on special master hands. This is what our GNM trained doctors have discovered and are excited about. This helps our patients! We are happy with out results and successes.

Opposition to ideas are typical when there is a lack of complete comprehension of what is not fully known, especially on this topic of dental occlusion, pain and TMD issues. Conclusions, biase and opinions can be easily drawn. While other experienced wet fingered clinicians who are not new to the treatment of TMD, ortho and full mouth reconstruction find answers to questions that have haunted them for years now see significant valuable evidence in the practices with their patients at an advanced level doing the more complex cases (like FB TMD cases)…now get a different satisfying result….patients are pleased…..this is why our teachings continue to grow to this day after 16 years of teaching here in the Las Vegas desert here at Occlusion Connections. NM is not the same as GNM!

This is how we are connecting the dots from CR to NM and onward and there is a growing awareness of these facts amongst these FB forum members.

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