How the Dentist Can Gain the Skills, Knowledge and Adopt TMD Management in the Clinical Practice?

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I was invited by Dr. Sushil Koirala, Founder and Coordinator – MiCD Global Academy, Chief- Editor of MiCD Clinical Journal, as one of many globally renowned clinicians, academicians and researchers to answer 15 exclusive interview question for their clinical e-journal sharing my experience, clinical and research findings on the subjective of “TMDs – Confusion & Consensus: Expert’s Advice“. The following is the fourteenth of 15 responses to their questions.

14. Kindly advise our readers on how an interested dental practitioner could gain skills and knowledge, and adopt the TMD management domain in their clinical practice?

  • Educate, educate and educate yourselves.  Learn, learn and learn from those dental leaders and experts you have confidence in who know, understand and practice dental occlusion. 
  • Learn from those teachers who practice what they teach in regards to TMD. 
  • Gain the necessary detailed skills, techniques, methods and protocols they offer, especially from those who are still alive, available to teach, demonstrate and can show how they do it. 
  • Don’t be fearful to ask the simple questions that concern you. 
  • Connect with those leader/teachers who can tell you the truths and insights about TMD, so TMD and occlusion are no longer a mystery to you. 
  • Pursue to find those answers you know exists in this world. 
  • Avoid your fears of thinking you are not good enough.  Realize your Heavenly Father only wants YOU to be the best here on earth.
  • When occlusion problems arise and exists in your dental practice and you begin to realize there has to be better way, seek council from those who you know have answers.
  • Ask yourself why things are happening the way they do in your dental practice? Are you happy with the results you are clinically getting?
  • Tap into the source of honest enlightening information that makes sense to you.  You will learn to know how, where and why things are happening in your practice in good time. 
  • Follow your inward voice with a good conscience. Let your inner voice guide you.
  • Your teachers will appear when your mind is open and your heart is ready.
  • Act on those inner intuitions.  Don’t be idle or passive, because if you are, you will miss an opportunity along this journey.
  • Connect with those doctors who have experience, understanding, training and passion in GNM. 
  • Learn from those doctors who have attended Occlusion Connections complete curriculum. 
  • Learn from those who can give good informed answers about GNM, TMD and occlusion. 
  • Introduce yourself to GNM and Occlusion Connections by going to the website. 
  • Find ways to attend courses and learn gneuromuscular (GNM) in a complete way at Occlusion Connections.
  • Your answers are not that far from you.  The solutions to your challenges are closer than you realize.

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