GNM Is Not for Everyone – What exactly does this mean?

NOTE: GNM is not the answer for everything and for everyone.

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What it mean is exactly what is written on the website. It “….does not mean that “every GNM dentist” can cure every TMD patient. Most dentists are genuinely concerned for their patients and strive to do the best to help them but every dentist including myself knows and admits that he/she has limitations and he/she has cases they cannot resolve regardless of the approaches they take.”

There are so many different variables that make treating TMD complex. This is why every one involved needs to educate themselves on these matters the best they can. The patient needs to do their best to educate and learn everything they can about their problem so they know and understand their own issues, their own physiology (how things should function and operator in a healthy way), know the the anatomy of how joints should function, etc, learn their biochemisty and even realize their own psychology and how all these factors effect their own treatment challenges.

The same must go for the dentists, they too also need to learn, educate themselves, and find the best ways to diagnose and treat whatever is presented to them as a treating clinician and perfect their skills. That is what trained dentist in this field try to do. But it also comes down to the patient and the doctor relationship. Is there a trusting relationship that exists?. If there is no trust in each other, there may not be a good patient doctors relationship. Things may not work out so well.

All TMD patients and doctors need to understand that they both are entering into some of the most difficult forms of dentistry. Open communications, trust and confidence must be established. If there is lack of trust, doubt and lack of proper communications than that will not work in the long run…like any marriage or relationship.

Principles of good occlusion must be followed, skills must be implemented at the highest levels clinically, proper diagnostic awareness must be recognized as a good investigator to understand both the seen and unseen factors involved when treating human beings in pain and distress. TMD is not always a black and white matter. There are lots of greys…. When working with humans sometimes as we all realize it can be very complicated…patients don’t always tell their doctors everything related to their problems… and doctors are not always mind readers either…. and the patient also must be keen and astute to decipher whether a particular approach, a particular method a particular doctors, a philosophy, etc is right for them or not. This is why these forums exist…to share, and get ideas from others who may have experienced things others may not have yet experienced…etc. If you trust a doctor then you will follow through on his/her recommendations and advice. If you one doesn’t trust their doctors one is not going to follow through….so it is very important to understand the philosophy, rationale, the hows and whys of things to realize what is necessary to have a good outcome.

Remember this is your life, your mouth, your teeth, your muscles and joints that are involved. TMD treatment is a team approach, it does require much understanding, respect for one another, trust and confidence in those with whom you have involved your dental care.

– Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. – Las Vegas, NV

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